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Tour – My Big Heart-Shaped Fail

A tween comedy-of-errors that chronicles the most cringe-worthy day of 13 year-old Abby Gray’s life.

My Big Heart-Shaped Fail

by Cindy Callaghan

Genre: Tween, Upper Middle-Grade Contemporary Fiction

Award-winning middle-grade novel from the author of Just Add Magic and Saltwater Secrets . . . .

In this hourly time-stamped, action-packed tween comedy of errors, Abby Gray, feeling weighed down by her secrets and lies, lets five balloons float into the sky with her deepest secrets attached to them in a desperate attempt to clear her conscience. Her relief is short-lived, though: the next day, those balloons start dropping one by one at her school, revealing Abby’s innermost thoughts to both friends and frenemies and creating hilarious misinterpretations of crushes amongst her peers.

This is the worst day of her life . . . or is it? Before the last bell rings, Abby manages to integrate the oddball who is blackmailing her into her friend group and to fix the mix-ups the notes have caused—not only getting couples back together but also making a few new love matches—and finally comes clean as the author of the notes that have created such chaos.

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The Girl Who Ruined Christmas

by Cindy Callaghan

Award-winning middle-grade Christmas novel from the author of Just Add Magic and Saltwater Secrets . . . .

Imagine you’re a tween visiting a small town that loves nothing more than its prize fir—a perfect Christmas tree destined for the White House. Now picture yourself accidentally destroying that tree, making you public enemy number one. Lastly, imagine that to repay your debt, you have to remain in said town for the Christmas season.

That’s what happens to Brady Bancroft.

When Brady ruins Harper Hollow Fall’s prize tree, she’s sentenced to stay in the holiday-festooned town for the month of December. At first, she couldn’t be more depressed about the whole situation; but during her month there, she is surprised to discover that there’s much more than pine needles to the little town holding her captive. In the end, Harper Hollow Falls reminds Brady of the true meaning of Christmas—and she, in turn, saves the town.

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Cindy Callaghan is the award-winning author of eleven MG novels including JUST ADD MAGIC and JUST ADD MAGIC 2: POTION PROBLEMS, which were made into an Emmy-nominated Amazon Original series now in its fifth season and distributed world-wide via Nickelodeon. She’s well-known for the best-selling Lost In… books: LOST IN LONDON, LOST IN PARIS, LOST IN ROME, LOST IN HOLLYWOOD, and LOST IN IRELAND. Her Agatha award-winning stand-alone SYDNEY MACKENZIE KNOCKS ‘EM DEAD sells out every year around Halloween.

Her 2020 book SALTWATER SECRETS, which is nominated for an Agatha Award, won Delaware Press Association and National Federation of Press Women’s awards, and two International Book Awards, is set up by a major studio.

Triple-award-winning THE GIRL WHO RUINED CHRISTMAS, (October 2021) sold out its first print run before Thanksgiving. MY BIG HEART-SHAPED FAIL has won three awards since it’s 2022 launch. These books along with original concepts are actively being shopped to producers, networks and streamers along with Cindy’s robust portfolio of original features and series.

A Jersey girl at heart, Cindy lives in Delaware with her family and rescued-pets.

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Audiobook Release Blast

Audiobook Release Blast: The Trouble with Fate by Kat T. Masen

🎧 We are so excited to share that The Trouble With Fate (The Forbidden Love Series, Book 5) by Kat T. Masen is available 𝗡𝗢𝗪 in 𝗔𝘂𝗱𝗶𝗼𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸!

🎧 Narrated by Christian Black & Laurie West

𝙄 𝙖𝙢 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙢𝙮 𝙨𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙨.

The Edwards daughters have a reputation for falling in love under forbidden circumstances. Not me, though. I’m the calm, collected one and Daddy’s new favorite since I cause the least trouble.

This is all thanks to my long-time best friend, Cruz Cooper. He’s every bit the crazy person I’m not and keeps me grounded in college despite his wild ways.

We have all these plans to live off-campus and then start our careers without wasting our best years caught up in toxic relationships.

Until the night we had dinner with his parents. And his older brother walked in…. Masen Cooper.

He looked nothing like I remembered. Tall, muscular—sexy in ways I prefer not to think about. Yet five minutes spent with him, and he is clearly still the arrogant jerk who would taunt me as a kid.

Now, he has his eyes on me once again. But this time, he wants to play a different type of game. One which will force me to choose between two brothers…#TheTroubleWithFateAudioBlast #Audiobook #NowLive #KatTMasenAuthor #TTWFKatTMasen #TheForbiddenLoveSeries #SBRMedia #ListenNow #PodiumAudio #ChristianBlackNarrator #LaurieWestNarrator #EnticingJourney

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New Release Tour

Lose Me to Love You

Title: Lose Me to Love You

Author: Chloe B. Young

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 11/28/2023

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 64000

Genre: Fantasy, contemporary, gay, romance, urban fantasy, paranormal, suspense, magic/magic users, slow burn, tattoos, depression, grieving, second chances, religious parallels/subtext

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At the bottom of a downward spiral of alcohol, sex, and risky behaviors, Matty Hill discovers that magic is real and that a mysterious man will teach him how to wield it if he can deal with the trauma of his past and present. Sean Wildgust, Matty’s new teacher, is as secretive as he is fascinating. But when those secrets come back to haunt them both, Matty must decide if obsession is the same thing as love.


Lose Me to Love You Chloe B. Young © 2023 All Rights Reserved Matty gasped awake. He opened his eyes, then closed them immediately when the light pouring in the grimy window burned. Recoiling from the light set off a chain reaction of aching muscles tensing, nausea roiling, head pounding, and there was nothing he could do to keep from throwing up. The desperate lurch of his uncoordinated limbs had him puking off the side of his makeshift mattress instead of on himself. Though he wasn’t particularly happy about it while choking on stomach acid. He’d never understood why people said it was better to throw up. Sure, his nausea wasn’t dragging him through the dirt anymore, but he had to deal with a dozen other smaller discomforts. When it was over, he flopped to his back again, his throat burning and his ribs sore from uselessly trying to suppress the inevitable. He blinked the tears out of his eyes, stinging from the sun and the force of his gagging. When he’d rubbed most of the crud out of his vision, he looked around. Nate’s house. Weird. They’d started at a rave with a lot of people Matty didn’t know. He knew Nate, and Nate knew everyone else, so he supposed it made sense that they’d all crashed at his tiny two-bedroom house. Not all, it seemed. He could only see two others, and bits of flickering footage from last night told him the living room had been a lot more crowded before he’d passed out. Carefully, so he didn’t upset his stomach’s tentative equilibrium, he pulled his feet out from under the strange bunk bed he and a stranger had made from the couch. The other guy was still sleeping on top of the bare springs while the cushions sank almost to the floor under Matty’s ass. Getting up was a multistage process that took anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour. He couldn’t be sure. Had he fallen asleep in child’s pose between stage three and four? Eventually, he made it to his feet and took a few cautious steps to test whether the floorboards stayed under him, giving the mess a wide berth with a silent promise to return and clean it up before he left. The other person in the room was dead to the world, curled up tight in a sagging armchair, her jeans wormed down so low she was basically naked. Matty didn’t recognize her from the ratty mess of her hair and the bare expanse of her back. A pattern of goosebumps traveled up her spine. The sweater hanging on a hook near the front door was way too big to be hers, but it wasn’t Nate’s either, so no one would miss it, probably. When Matty draped it over her, it covered everything she would have wanted to be covered, and he hoped it was warm. He found Nate in the kitchen but didn’t say anything and, instead, unscrewed the cap from a bottle of clear alcohol. Vodka, he guessed from the blurry red logo. It took two small swigs to chase away the sweet, metallic taste in his mouth. He rolled the liquid across his tongue like mouthwash and swallowed it down instead of spitting it into one of the plastic cups on the table. Blue cups, not red. They were sophisticated, postcollege wastrels, after all. The clock on the microwave told him it was earlier than he thought…until he spotted the clock on the stove. He looked at the microwave again and then at the stove as if staring at the glowing red numbers would help him decide which one to believe. “Is one of those right?” Matty asked, his voice wrecked. (One of the least shocking discoveries he’d made today.) Nate looked up from the pot he was watching and glanced at both of the clocks, then nodded. “Yep.” He jerked an elbow at the one next to his hip. “That one.” That meant it was 1:36 in the afternoon, a fact Matty didn’t have any particular opinion about, other than surprise he’d slept so long on pillows about as soft as a pack of printer paper. Nate tapped a dry spoon against the rim of his pot. He leaned on the counter, away from the glowing element. He was so skeletal-skinny Matty had no problem reading the clock past him. Had he always been that way, or had Matty not noticed until now? Matty laid his arm on the cool counter and squeezed his wrist. He’d always been taller than he was broad, but was he thinner? Undoubtedly. The new hole in his belt told him so. But was he skin and bone, like Nate? He couldn’t tell anymore. Like Nate, he didn’t have anyone to tell him to eat more solid meals or get some sleep while the sun was down. The problem with eating was it required a few things Matty hadn’t had in months: an appetite and a base level of concern for his continued existence. Sleep though. That was different. He wished he could sleep. He’d gladly put his ear to the sheets if it meant everything would just…stop. For a little while. But it didn’t work like that, and if avoiding a REM cycle meant avoiding all the bullshit that came with it, he’d never count sheep again. “What are you doing?” Matty asked, standing on tiptoes to try to see what was sloshing around in Nate’s battered pot. “Water for jello.” A visceral memory of the time Matty had found out how gelatin was made sent a rippling shudder through him—not unlike a wiggling cube of set jello, actually. “Really? That’s your idea of brunch?” Nate’s spoon didn’t falter. “Jello shots, dude. For tonight.” “What are you—fourteen?” Nate’s bony shoulders lifted and fell under his T-shirt as he kept stirring, not sparing Matty’s derision a look. “Never too old for fun. You coming?” Matty had forgotten that the weekend wasn’t over yet. What was the end of a week when he didn’t have a Monday grind to return to? He looked around the kitchen at the abandoned cups and bottles in various stages of emptiness. The overflowing ashtray. The smudges of pale powder under a potato chip bag Matty didn’t want to think about very hard. It was crazy to think that in a few hours, the place would be as clean as it had been on Monday. Nate was a hell of a cleaning machine when he was on a bender. It wouldn’t be spotless, but garbage bags would bulge on the porch and none of the surfaces would be mysteriously sticky, which was all Nate’s friends seemed to care about. “Yeah, probably,” Matty answered, leaving room for bowing out so Nate wouldn’t get on his case if he decided to stay home and stare at his ceiling instead. “Do you remember last night?” Nate finally stopped stirring long enough to toss something at Matty’s face. He flinched but caught it. It was a bag of plastic shot glasses. Four hundred of them. He ripped it open and started lining them up on the available counter space. The popping noise they made as he put them down was nice, and the neat rows satisfied something childish in him. “Not really,” Matty said. “I remember leaving the rave, but once we got here, it’s kind of fuzzy.” “Man, you missed out. Don found a playlist of trippy screensavers on YouTube, and we all got high and watched them.” “You’re a true party animal, Nate.” “It was awesome.” Matty tuned out of the play-by-play, getting into the rhythm of shot glasses coming out of the package. Slide, tap. Slide, tap. Slide, tap. “And then you did a line,” Nate added, “and you were singing too.” Plastic cracked under Matty’s hand. “Fuck off,” he blurted. “No, I didn’t.” “Yeah,” Nate answered, placid as always rather than offended. “It was my stuff. Why would I lie about it?” Out-logicked by a guy who watched screensavers for fun. If Matty didn’t know about Nate’s engineering degree and valedictorian plaque, he would’ve thought he’d hit a new low, which would’ve stung all the more, considering the record had only been reset twelve hours ago. “Shit,” Matty said, dropping the crushed plastic cup next to the good ones. “I don’t—” No, he did remember. It was in snatches, but the longer he thought about it, the more his own memories filled in the gaps: the offer, the temptation, the refusal, then another offer, and the tone of the evening changing. The intensified blast of the giant, flashing neon sign that read in two-foot-high letters shone over every decision he’d made last night: FUCK IT. Nate took the pot off the stove and set it down next to the lines of plastic soldiers. He tore into a box of red jello. His yellow-stained fingers were obviously working more carefully than he was used to, but he still managed to spill pink powder all over the counter. It was kind of pretty. It sparkled in the afternoon daylight, like snow, but wrong. “I’m going home,” Matty said, and he chucked the half-full bag of shot glasses onto the biggest available space. “See you tonight?” “Maybe.” Matty went through the living room to get to the door and saw that the girl hadn’t woken up or moved. Her hair, though, managed to look even more of a disaster from a new angle. Where it wasn’t a mess, it was blond and straight, though neither of those things came naturally, he was pretty sure. It was basically the antithesis of Matty’s hair; the only thing it shared was it hadn’t seen a comb in too long. They were visual opposites, like he and— He left Nate’s behind. He hadn’t cleaned up the floor, which he figured to be Nate’s punishment for offering him blow when he was drunk, but he had turned the guy on the couch over, so he wouldn’t choke on his own vomit. Good friend? No. Great friend. No one should have to ride in an ambulance with someone who was already as good as dead. Not even Nate.


NineStar Press | Books2Read

Meet the Author

Writing is just one of the many ways Chloe gets her storytelling fix. In her other life, she sings and acts to fulfil the urge, and is never far from a stage. When not writing, Chloe cooks with too much garlic, sharpens her eyeliner to a deadly point, and tries to accept that she’s turning into one of those people who only wears one color. (Pink.)

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr


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TEASER : Hawking by Becca Jameson & Pepper North

Saving her is his mission.

Winning her heart is his goal…
Preorder a copy of Hawking by Becca Jameson and Pepper North today!!
A mysterious billionaire saved my life.
Now, I owe him.
My team’s job: Save Celeste no matter what it takes.
My goal: Convince her she’s mine.

I was so close to finding the cure.
Why was I suddenly fired?
Danger Bluff will be the perfect place to hide.
If only that ripped, former military guy didn’t ooze Daddy vibes.
#teaser #teasershare #teasertuesday #sneakpeek #comingsoon #preorder #bookpreorder #hawking #dangerbluff #daddyromance #ddlg #romancenovels #romancebooks #romanticsuspense #romanticthriller #kissingbooks #steamyreads #hotreads #books #reading #bookish #bookbuzz #booksbooksbooks #booklovers #readers
About The Authors:
Becca Jameson is a USA Today bestselling author of over 100 books. She is most well-known for her Wolf Masters series, her Fight Club series, and her Surrender series. She currently lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and Goldendoodle. Two grown kids pop in every once in awhile too! She is loving this journey and has dabbled in a variety of genres, including paranormal, sports romance, military, and BDSM.
A total night owl, Begga writes late at night, sequestering herself in her office with a glass of red wine and a bar of dark chocolate, her fingers flying across the keyboard as her characters weave their own stories. 
During the day — which never starts before ten in the morning! — she can be found jogging, running errands, or reading in her favorite hammock chair! 

Becca loves chatting with fans on social media! Reach out, and she will respond!
Ever just gone for it? That’s what USA Today Bestselling Author Pepper North did in 2017 when she posted a book for sale on Amazon without telling anyone. Thanks to her amazing fans, the support of the writing community, Mr. North, and a killer schedule, she has now written more than 70 books!

Enjoy contemporary, paranormal, dark, and erotic romances that are both sweet and steamy? Pepper will convert you into one of her loyal readers. What’s coming in the future? A Daddypalooza!

Stay up on the latest news and get insider updates and previews of Pepper’s stories…

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SALE BLAST : Commands and Consequences by Golden Angel


Commands and Consequences, a historical romance collection from Golden Angel, is on sale now for just 99¢!

This box set contains the last three books in the Bridal Discipline Series

Lydia’s Penance: Lydia is desperate to escape her stepfather’s household, so when she hears the Duke of Manchester say that he doesn’t care who he weds, she decides his reputation from being an honorable man and his indifference to who his wife will be makes him the perfect husband. Unfortunately, the Duke is not pleased to be trapped into a marriage with a woman who is keeping secrets from him. Can love still find a way?

Benedict’s Commands

:Love? Marriage? Lady Christina Rowan, Dowager-Marchesse of Stanhope, doesn’t think so. She avoids both heavy emotions and heavy commitments. Time away from Christina has made Benedict realize how deep his own feelings for her run; when he returns to London for the Season, he’s determined to court his former lover and turn her into his wife.

Arabella’s Taming

:Lady Arabella Windham, sister to the Duke of Manchester, has given up on ever attracting the positive attention of Lord Thomas Hood. After discovering he still sees her as the same hoydenish young woman she was in the past, she throws caution to the wind and becomes more reckless than ever. When her return to feckless and indiscreet behavior results in disgrace however, it’s Lord Thomas Hood who is caught up in the scandal with her. With a strong-willed bride determined to make her new husband dance to her tune and a stubborn lord determined to curb his new wife’s imprudent ways, is a happily-ever-after even possible?
These books contain sassy wives, their stern husbands, and some heavy handed (and fun!) discipline.

#99cbooks #99csale #booksale #bookdeals #discountbooks #cheapreads #historicalromance #regencyromance #domesticdisciplineromance #spankingromance #romancenovels #romancebooks #commandsandconsequences #bridaldisciplineseries #romanceboxsets #romancecollections #reading #readers #booklovers #bookbuzz #booknews 

About the Author:
Golden Angel is a USA Today best-selling author of heart and bottom warming romance.

She is happily married, old enough to know better but still too young to care, and a big fan of happily-ever-afters, strong heroes and heroines, and sizzling chemistry.

When she’s not writing, she can often be found on the couch reading, in front of her sewing machine making a new cosplay, hanging out with her friends, or wandering the Maryland Renaissance Fair.

Find Her Online!
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Release Boost

Release Boost: Throne of Shadows Duet by Anya J. Cosgrove

Duet Title: Throne of Shadows
Titles: Princess of Thorns and Ruin & Queen of Ashes and Scars
Author: Anya J. Cosgrove
Genre/Tropes: Vampire Reverse Harem, Enemies-to-Lovers, Grump-Sunshine, Pleasure Bites, Touch Her and Die Vibes 
Cover Design: Fiona Jayde Media

Princesses are expected to smile, hold their tongues, and stay in the shadows…but not this princess.

Becoming a vampire is not the debutante party I’d hoped for. I’m being hunted by my enemies and cast aside by my friends.

The night court runs on betrayals and secrets. As its newest, sparkling addition, I can’t trust anyone.
Especially not them.

Alec, the arrogant assassin-turned-bodyguard who mocks me with his feline grace and sexy smirks.

Leo, the addictive human who swore his life to me for all the wrong reasons.

And Sebastian, the childhood bully who broke my heart.

I have to fulfill my duty to my family, but in the face of temptation, how can I resist something so forbidden?

Every rose has thorns. It only takes one bite to defile the most perfect bloom.

Princess of Thorns and Ruin is book 1 in a fast-paced, sizzling fantasy romance duet set in the deadly Delacroix Night court. You’ll love this story if you like sexy vampire bites, enemies-to-lovers, and heroes who love to share.

Princesses are expected to smile, hold their tongues, and stay in the shadows…but not this princess.

Becoming a vampire is not the debutante party I’d hoped for. I’m being hunted by my enemies and cast aside by my friends.

The night court runs on betrayals and secrets. As its newest, sparkling addition, I can’t trust anyone.
Especially not them.

Alec, the arrogant assassin-turned-bodyguard who mocks me with his feline grace and sexy smirks.

Leo, the addictive human who swore his life to me for all the wrong reasons.

And Sebastian, the childhood bully who broke my heart.

I can’t fall for any of them. I have to fulfill my duty to my family and marry someone I’ve never met, but in the face of temptation, how could I resist something so forbidden?

Queen of Ashes and Scars is book 2 in a fast-paced, sizzling fantasy romance duet set in the deadly Delacroix Night court. You’ll love this story if you like sexy vampire bites, enemies-to-lovers, and heroes who love to share.

Anya J Cosgrove lives in Québec with her husband, her beautiful son, and two mischievous cats. She works as a veterinarian by day. She’s a travel and Disney junkie and is passionate about her favorite paranormal series.

What would Buffy do? Kick ass!

Teaser Blast

Teaser Blast: Protecting Piper

Protecting Piper by Jennifer Bonds is releasing December 4, 2023!

Preorder today!


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Brady Vaughn is sweet, sexy, and totally into me…

Too bad I don’t have time for distractions, especially the relentless football player kind. If I want to graduate next semester, I need to focus on student teaching, not on my love life. But Brady’s incredibly hard to resist. Not only is he the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever laid eyes on, he has the personality to match. He’s sweet. Attentive. Real.

When he crashes my pole dancing class, swearing he’ll return every week until I give him a shot, I’m certain he’ll be the first to crack. But with each passing week, he’s melting my defenses, and it’s getting harder and harder to resist his quiet charm.

The only problem? He doesn’t know about my side hustle as a cam girl, and I plan to keep it that way.

As much as I like Brady, I can’t risk my future—or my career in education—on anything less than a sure thing.

If life has taught me anything, it’s that there are no guarantees, and if my secret gets out, I’m not the only one with something to lose…

#jenniferbonds #waverlywildcats #sportsromance #newadult #ContemporaryRomance #NewAdultRomance #FootballRomance #Angsty #HeFallsFirst #SportsRomance #VirginHero #OppositesAttract

Release Blitz

Release : Ending the Fight by L.P. Dover

Title: Ending the Fight
Series: Gloves Off – Next Generation
Author: L.P. Dover
Release: November 28, 2023
Genre/Tropes: Romantic Suspense/MMA Fighters/Enemies to lovers/Touch her and you die/Opposites Attract/Forbidden Love/Badass Female/Stuck Together/Love-Hate/Mafia Protector/Sibling Rivalry
Cover Design: RBA Designs

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L.P. Dover comes an electrifying tale of revenge, scorching passion, and steamy suspense that’s sure to have readers on the edge of their seats.

Despite her tough upbringing, Wren Langston has found success as a UFC fighter and a career criminal. Yet when a series of murders draw a chilling connection to her, Wren fears her past is catching up with her. Nikolai Michelson, the man behind the murders, is a part of one of the most dangerous mafia families in the country – and he also holds a personal grudge against Wren.

Knowing she can’t face Nikolai alone, she turns to his older brother Seth. The elder Michelson brother is immediately drawn to Wren and is determined to protect her from his family at all costs. As they work together to expose Nikolai’s crimes, they find themselves drawn together by mutual attraction.

Unfortunately, the Michelsons don’t forgive easily, and Seth’s actions put him at odds with his own family. As the tension between the brothers escalates, Wren finds herself caught in the middle of a dangerous power struggle that threatens to destroy everything she holds dear.

With betrayal lurking around every corner, Seth and Wren are running out of time. Can they reveal the truth before it’s too late? Or will their love be the ultimate sacrifice in this deadly game of power and revenge?

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Everything’s sweeter in the South has always been her mantra and she lives by it, whether it’s with her writing or in her everyday life. Maybe that’s why she’s seriously addicted to chocolate.

Dover has written countless novels in several different genres, including a children’s book with her daughter. Her favorite to write is romantic suspense, but she’s also found a passion in romantic comedy. She loves to make people laugh which is why you’ll never see her without a smile on her face.

Cover Reveal

cover reveal for Blennies Hitch MC

SERIES COVER REVEAL from USA Today bestselling author Esther E. Schmidt. Blennies Hitch MC is an interconnecting novella series. Each book features a new couple, however, the storylines will flow from one book into the next. Experience this brotherhood through the eyes of one couple after another as they find their own HEA while the story of life continues. Preorder here:

Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover / Patch Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Release Day Episode One: January 2, 2024
Release Day Episode Two: January 23, 2024
Release Day Episode Three: February 13, 2024

Episode One:
Perrin – Our MC believes in vigilante justice until we’re blackmailed by Broken Deeds MC to assist in a case. Once we know the details though it’s hard to refuse when we’re basically standing on the same side. Life and the case take a turn letting people, dreams, and well-made plans sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Meadow – I believe in the truth, even if I have to switch careers and bide my time to get it. Family is a mere word where those I’ve loved were taken from me, and all I’m left with are people just tied to me by DNA. Revealing details are shocking, as is fighting for my life when the last breath I take fills my lungs with water.

Perrin and Meadow’s story is episode one of the Blennies Hitch MC series. Continue the Blennies Hitch story in episode two with Rox and Asher as they proceed to fight justice to reveal the truth.

Episode Two:
Asher – Solving criminal cases comes as naturally as my medical training to save lives. When the life of the woman who aggravates my every nerve hangs in the balance, there’s nothing I won’t do to save her and let justice prevail.

Rox – Life and death is a balance that weighs heavily on my shoulders. It weighs me down until a certain biker from Broken Deeds MC saves me heart over soul. At least for a single moment in time, to catch our breaths, long enough to face havoc shaking us back into awareness.

Asher and Rox’s story is episode two of the Blennies Hitch MC series. Continue the Blennies Hitch story in episode three with Tage and Lorelei as they proceed to fight justice to reveal the truth.

Episode Three:
Tage – As the VP of Blennies Hitch, I stand for what we believe in. Confronted by death and new life causes a primal sense of protectiveness to rise within me. Vigilante justice is put behind us since we’re now legally free to let justice prevail no matter what.

Lorelei – Hearing of my sister’s recent death is devastating, but having the aftereffects land in my lap completely turns my life upside-down. The ruggedly handsome biker who lives down the street from me suddenly bursts in my life and stands beside me as we face the danger that threatens to end us all.

Tage and Lorelei’s story is the final episode of Season One of the Blennies Hitch MC series.

Teaser Blast

Teaser Blast: The Bourbon Bride

The Bourbon Bride by Adrian R. Hale is releasing December 14, 2023!

Preorder your copy today!


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She could have fled, but she chose to stay, and I’m just shameless enough to use that to my advantage to get what I want. 
Hayes Olsen: Billionaire, Demanding Businessman, Killer of Dreams…
I rule as king of the corporate underworld, my worst deeds performed as CFO of Olympus International where I reign with my two brothers. My ruthlessness means I’m not well-liked, and far from accepted, but as luck would have it, the fates intervene on my behalf, sending a sweet debutante into my garden on the very night society gets its claws in her. 

Her innocence kept her at my mercy and now I’m never letting her go.
Paige Fairchild: Hotel Heiress, Southern Belle, Virgin…
I begged Mama to have my debutante ball at an exclusive nightclub. Meeting the club’s mysterious owner, however, was a bittersweet twist of fate. Hayes is refined, well-aged, and sinfully hot in a way that promises temptation and a world of pleasures I’ve never known. He could be the very key I’ve needed to leave my tightly controlled life behind, but it’s a risk that could have disastrous consequences. 
I ran straight into the arms of the devil, and now he’ll never let me leave.

#adrianrhale #ContemporaryRomance #EroticRomance #ForcedProximity #BillionaireRomance #AgeGap #GrumpySunshine #Marriageofconvenience #VirginHeroine