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Release Blitz The Real Thing by Elle Keaton

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Real Thing By Elle Keaton

The Real Thing Ebook (1)

West Coast Forensics, Book 5

An oblivious prince wishes for his knight in shining armor. His knight has been under his nose all along, will he claim him before it’s too late for them both?

As deeply as he craves his own fairy tale happily-ever-after, resort owner Cody Prescott doesn’t have time for a relationship. That doesn’t stop him from crushing on most men on Piedras. Luckily for him, they’re emotionally unavailable or already taken, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting attached. Wade Buckner, the island’s handiest handyman, is tired of waiting for Cody to wake up and realize Wade is the man for the job. He’s ready and willing to rescue Cody from just about anything, even questionable hotel guests. The Harvest Feast is the kick-off for the resort’s one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary and they have a full house. But something sinister is afoot at the resort, something that even his knight might not be able to rescue Cody from. Are they trying to kill him, put him out of business, or both? #grumpy-sunshine #FamilyHistory #OnlyOneBed The Real Thing, book five in the West Coast Forensics series, is dual POV and follows Cody and Wade all the way to their happy ending. Can be read as a standalone but might be better enjoyed if you start with Real Trouble, first in the WCF series.

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Wade knew one thing though. He was making some changes and it was starting with Cody Prescott. After today.

After today, he wasn’t rushing to Cody whenever he called. That era was over. In the last six months or so, it had become painfully obvious that Cody Prescott had no idea Wade existed except as a walking tool box.

Except the fact that he suggested you move in with him, that irritating voice reminded him.

Cody was always about to fall in love or mooning over a random hot guy he’d seen on the ferry. Once it was the new Food Services of America sales bro with his RayBan sunglasses. And his brown eyes lit up when Chief Flynn stopped by for the biannual safety inspection, in a way Wade knew they never did when Cody looked at him.

Leaving his bulging rucksack locked in the truck, Wade slammed the door, jiggling the handle so it would shut properly, and jammed his hands into the extra-thick semi-weatherproof Carhartt hoodie Cody had given him as “sort of a bonus” after Wade had complained about how fucking drafty his studio was.

Yeah, and the socks too. So, he does think about you, his inner voice snarked.

Whatever. However Cody thought of him, it wasn’t the way Wade wanted him to. Just one of these days Wade wanted Cody Prescott to look at him with the same hunger in his eyes that he had when a suited-up or otherwise expensively dressed guy with sunglasses on his head and a Rolex on his wrist strode into the resort, brandishing their American Express Black cards and platinum wives or girlfriends.

Bitter much?

Wade was rough. His hair was longer than the guys Cody looked at wore theirs. After separating from the military, he’d sworn he would never keep it short again. His razor hardly ever saw use. Wade’s clothing came from Costco, his work boots from Red Wing, and he didn’t have designer soap or fancy aftershave. He was plain old Wade Buckner, a low-end model for a boyfriend.

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About the Author:

Elle Keaton writes contemporary gay romance and MM romantic suspense set in the Pacific Northwest. Elle’s books are known for their hot mm romance, complex characters, and unique sense of place. The men start out broken, and maybe they’re still banged up by the end, but they always find the other half of their hearts.

Elle published first in 2017, now she has over seventeen books available for you to read or listen to.

She loves cats and dogs, Star Wars and Star Trek, pineapple on pizza, and is known to start crossword puzzles with ballpoint pen.

Love always wins, thank you for supporting this indie author!

Connect with Elle: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: BookBub: Instagram: Twitter: MeWe: Website: Amazon: Goodreads:


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Release Blitz The Brawl King by Kashel Char

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Brawl King By Kashel Char

The Brawl King ebook Nov22

New Beginnings, Book 2

It’s the year 21 A.T. Time to face the truth. We are not alone.

Enjoy a fast-paced rescue mission led by Gen. Brad McCormick, who uncovers and retrieves so much more than their abducted children from the gold mines in South Africa. EP-III hides millennia-old secrets that no one could have foreseen or predicted. DNA manipulation, rocketry, and moon landings are seemingly everyday occurrences, except no one informed Phoenix about it all. Why? Mika and Connor struggle to come to terms with their twins’ infatuation with their abductor, who has some kind of spell on them. Maybe this is a case of Stockholm Syndrome, but one thing is for sure, he’s double-dipping; Eryn wants both of them. He will go to lengths to make them happy and please them simultaneously. Sharing comes naturally to Ivan and Cian, so why not? It’s just like sharing an ice cream.


“Hey, you piece of frog shit, let us out!” Being a say-it-like-it-is kind of guy made him the world’s worst cellmate. He is blatantly insensitive, and let’s face it, he is a lot more fun when he is let out of his cage. He is willing to share Eryn with only one man, and that is his brother. They grew up sharing their toys. And Eryn is one delicious toy.


He is always the calm and reasonable twin, the opposite of his brother, who’s impulsive and emotional. He loves his twin brother but quietly shares Eryn with Cian while deeper feelings and connections develop. Soon sharing becomes difficult and unbearable for Ivan.


He has been watching the two Romanov brothers from afar, but when his psycho frog brother abducts four young men from the Glass City, Phoenix, he must make a decision to do what he has been told all his life. Eliminate his only family to save the lives of the humans and the two most important beautiful young men in his care.

WARNING: This book contains graphic scenes of imprisonment, violence, blood, and gore. Expect to hear male/male sex between consenting adults, all eighteen years of age or older. Sensitive readers triggered by this may want to skip or tread carefully. This book is not intended for people under eighteen years of age or for anyone offended by gay male sex.

This novel can be read as a standalone. It has an extensive character summary but would be most enjoyed by getting to know the characters, places, and time appearing in Phoenix Code: New Beginnings.

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They looked happy outside on the glass dome roof. The way they laughed with their father had Eryn wishing he could have joined them. He longed to play with them and to be part of their world of love and affection. Their fathers hugged them and gave them lots of attention. For now, he would hide and pretend, but one day, he knew he would be able to show his strange face, visit the family, and play with the boys. He wished silently, even if it was just for a short time or just one day.

If Joshua found out, he could be in big trouble and possibly sent home. I never want to go home. For now, he was just as happy sneaking around and spying. Maybe not today, but I’ll talk to them one day. He made that promise to himself. At the same time, he covered his mouth and giggled again at seeing Connor become increasingly irritated as he grew nervously anxious, fearing Mika and the twins could slide off the roof. As the scene of Connor spying on Mika and the boys played out in front of Eryn, his level of amusement rose to nearly unmanageable levels, and the bin rattled louder. Connor’s anticipation of seeing the three rubbed off on Eryn, and as soon as Connor’s eyes caught a glimpse of the three up on the roof with safety harnesses around their bodies, the relief and love Connor felt flowed into Eryn. Connor watched as they sat in a tight row. Eryn gasped softly, and then he waited.

From Eryn’s viewpoint, he could see both fathers. Mika held onto both the boys, Ivan on his right and Cian on his left. He sensed Connor was a bit sad that he was inside and they were outside. He also felt Connor’s nervousness seeing them on top of the highest point of the frozen dome roof. His anxious heartbeats were louder than usual. Eryn’s inhumanly perfect hearing and empathic abilities came in handy when he pretended to be part of this family. He loved watching the loving interactions, no other family loved each other like this family, and he could watch them all day long. It calmed him and soothed him deep inside.

He crossed his legs, resting his elbows on his knees and chin in his hands while smiling longingly at the scene playing out. Connor glowed with pride and adoration for his husband and the two boys. Eryn’s little heart yearned while Connor watched Mika trying to hold onto their kids and simultaneously explaining with his hands and fully immersed himself in the educational conversation with his boys by gesturing with accordion-player hands as he explained something big and explosive.

As Eryn’s mouth hung open in concentration, he twisted his head from side to side as he deciphered the miming. He playfully chuckled softly, pretending to sit outside on the rooftop while listening to Mika. He enjoyed the animated hand gestures of explosions and waves crashing most. He copied Mika, eyes wide open, hands in fists, gesturing animatedly and making pow-pow sounds while simultaneously opening and closing his hands. He knew Mika was talking about the world before the “Big Flood.” Ivan pointed to the satellite dishes poking through the icy surface. Mika continued explaining what they were used for. He nodded a yes, then put his thumb to his ear and his pinky to his mouth. No one knew what that was, Eryn included. Then he heard Connor talking as if Mika and the twins could listen to him through the glass wall. “It’s to enhance communication. We used to send sound waves from one dish to another to talk or receive information from the outside world.”

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Book 1: Phoenix Code

Phoenix Code Bk1 Cover

Get to know the men who lay the foundation for the rebirth of a new civilization on earth. This book can be read or listened to as a standalone.

A sexy all-male dystopian science fiction. Stunningly beautiful scientists and soldiers are thrown together to face Doomsday. The start of an unpredictable series about the survival of humankind, unbeknownst to external forces that drive their discoveries of new technologies and DNA manipulations. New laws are written, and an infrastructure devoid of ethnic, religious, or any other components that have steered the human race thus far, is now history. All the while, Colonel Dr. McCormick is not only set on a course to lead the men of Phoenix through world annihilation but also come to terms with his sexuality and how to manage a bunch of horny brilliant men who are not necessarily gay or bi-sexual but who have to have some kind of sexual intimacy and gratification. How will he create a new code of conduct to appease two thousand men to live in harmony without the restrictive pointless rules of the old world? The plot is dripping buckets full of humor, sexy man love, romance, a wedding, and a “Quik-Fix Hall” only geniuses can design and make it sound like you are taking a trip to the mall. Antarctica turned out to be the best place on earth. After all, hell has finally frozen over. Written with a multi-POV approach to get to know the big cast of characters, their struggles, triumphs, and sexuality are only the tip of the iceberg. Fans of science and medical procedures will love the medical jargon and lingo. Get to know the couples who are about to spend millennia together. Phoenix Code is the foundation of the birth of Atlantis and the superhuman race. Earth has reached full circle. Time to face the Truth; we are on our own! WARNING: This book contains graphic male/male hardcore sex between consenting adults, all eighteen years of age or older. Chapter nineteen is explicitly bondage roleplay with dubious consent. Sensitive readers triggered by this kind of role-play language may skip this chapter. This book is not intended for people under eighteen years of age or for anyone offended by gay male sex. © January 2022 Stefan Pride and Kashel Char. All rights reserved

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Kashel Char Logo square greenwhite

About the Author:

Kashel Char means Castle Black. Chosen for the obvious reason that Kashel is a Game Of Thrones fan. “I found it surprisingly beautiful. In a brutal, horribly uncomfortable sort of way.”―Tyrion Lannister to Janos Slynt Kashel resides in the southern parts of the Rocky Mountains of BC, Canada. Co-writer and author of dark and ominous characters.

Kashel creates worlds centered around gay characters who are perhaps a tiny bit sick and twisted – but in an appealing way. Worlds where Anti-Heroes are born and peppered with taboo kinks and sexy, foul-mouthed lovers who struggle and strive for a life filled with humor, pleasure, and freedom. Who doesn’t? Their stories reflect not only Kashel’s wild and erotic imagination but also pieces from their day-to-day life. Look Kashel up at Facebook: Pronoun: They/Them Gender Fluid. Kashel likes to keep busy. Their love for writing started out early in life, writing poems and their life’s philosophies in their spare time. Kashel loves being creative, and learning new things is exciting to them. They have studied internationally and pursued a string of careers, believing that after three years, a person becomes stagnant and boredom sets in, which kills the soul. To name a few examples; Kashel worked as an Architectural Model Builder, a Registered Nurse, a Healthcare Information Manager, and a Clinical Researcher. In their spare time, Kashel loves listening to 18 + Male/Male audiobooks and designing book covers. Amazon Author Profile

Connect with Kashel: LinkTree: Facebook Profile: Author Facebook: Kashel Char’s Streetcar Facebook Group: Website: Newsletter Sign Up:

Book Blitz

Humbug Blitz


Children’s Fiction, Picture Books, Christmas, Children’s Picture Books

Date Published: Nov. 6, 2022


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Join a child through a series of whimsical illustrations as their views on Santa shift upon realizing their best friend, Jimmy, does not receive equal treatment at Christmas.

About the Author

Brigitte, “Gitte,” Tamar was born in a small rural Oregon town. Growing up, she was enthralled by scary tales featuring poetic tones and consistently gravitated towards writing darkened narratives. In the different storylines, Brigitte explores the harsh realities of social issues faced by today’s generations. This includes the dark outcomes brought on by peer pressure, addiction, homelessness, mental illness, childhood trauma, and abuse. She feels it is essential to share narratives that refrain from sugarcoating the topics society tends to shy away from.

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Release Blitz

The Ridders Blitz

Political Thriller

Date Published: November 30, 2022


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Young PI, BJ Janoff is randomly approached by a stranger with a proposition he can’t refuse – a million dollars to deliver an envelope to a hotel lobby. The pusher forces him to accept the money upfront with the threat of his demise should he fail to deliver it on time. BJ’s growing obsession with the envelope’s contents leads him down a treacherous path toward the game orchestrators, where he discovers a large-scale political scandal, a treasure hunt for a priceless sword, and a global crime ring linked to a WWII-era secret society. When an act of brilliance changes the balance of power, the safety of everyone he loves is in jeopardy. And the more he digs, the closer he comes to truths he can’t bear to face – about his missing father and the elusive Bilderberg Group.

WINNER of the 2022 American Fiction Award in the category of Crime Thriller

FINALIST in the category of Political Thriller

Literary Titan Gold Medal for Fiction

 About the Author

 Lisa Towles is an award-winning crime novelist and a passionate speaker, who brings her experience with creativity, business strategy, and self-care to groups of writers and entrepreneurs. Towles writes edgy stories of corruption, secrets, and escape through the eyes of snarky, clever protagonists hell-bent on uncovering truths and finding justice – no matter the cost. Her June 2022 thriller, Hot House, was a #1 Amazon Bestseller (Kindle) and won First Place in The Book Fest 2022 literary awards in the category of Mystery & Crime. The Ridders, forthcoming in November, 2022, was the American Fiction Award Winner in the category of Crime Thrillers. Towles has an MBA in IT Management and works full-time in the tech industry from her home in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read more about her books at

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The Canadian Beaver Lodge Assassins Association Blitz



Date Published: November 30, 2022

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

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On a routine delivery, courier Jaxy Thrie must ferry a priceless item—a Fabergé guardian angel once worn by the Empress Maria Feodorovna—to a Russian heiress in British Columbia. Things get out of hand when Jaxy loses the valuable medallion. He finds himself in fast trouble with the Romanov Guild, who accuses him of theft. It falls on Jaxy to restore the national treasure to the Royal Museum while dodging bullets from a greedy band of robbers, the Mounties, and the Canadian Beaver Lodge Assassins Association.

About the Author

A lifetime resident of California, Jerry moved to Santa Barbara after graduating from USC to work in the aerospace industry. Today, he designs night-vision cameras for everyday use. In his free time, Jerry likes to write and use his musical talent to compose original scores for piano and guitar. After his first loves—song and storytelling—Jerry enjoys hiking, spending time in the garden, and baking sourdough bread.

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Instagram: @jerrycripewriter

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Release Blitz

The Reaper by Rae Scott


Book Title: The Reaper

Author: Rae Scott

Publisher: Page Publishing

Release Date: November 3, 2022

Genre:  Mystery/Thriller/Crime

Tropes: Vigilante justice/ Victims no one will miss/ The one you least expect

Themes: Good vs Evil, Life or Death

Heat Rating: No heat

Length: 188 pages/ 60 000 words

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links

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Reap what you have sown. 


Fear not those who are innocent, for I shall cause you no harm. I seek out only those who have yet to pay for their sins. Fear me if you have no remorse, for I am the Reaper, and I will ensure that you reap what you have sewn.

            The serial killer known as The Reaper is loose on the streets of Norfolk. Its victims have two things in common: They have each hurt a child but served little to no time in jail for it and none of them regret their actions. 

Detective Mel Tanner is close to retirement when she is assigned to investigate a murder that leads her in a hunt for the serial killer known as The Reaper. As a seasoned homicide detective of fifteen years, she now finds herself jaded and unfeeling to the atrocities that she has had to witness every day. 

When rookie Detective Nat Petrov lands her dream assignment, to work with the best Detective in Norfolk, she is thrown headfirst into The Reaper’s perverse sense of justice. The Detectives race against the clock as body after body turns up with the signature Grim Reaper tarot card, each life ended in a way specifically designed for the individual victim. Will the detectives be able to catch a twisted serial killer before time runs out or will The Reaper exact revenge in a way more personal than anyone could have ever fathomed? 


Michael watched with a sense of foreboding as the masked figure in the black cloak stood looking down at the various items on the table, fear of the unknown beginning to take hold of him. A thousand thoughts and images ran through his mind as he tried to work out the reason for why he was there on that table, but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t come up with a single explanation for his circumstances. He tried to figure out who his captor might be, but the only name he could come up with was the Grim Reaper, because that’s what his captor looked like. The Reaper came back and held a card in front of his face with its left hand. It was a three-by-five-inch tarot card, and on it was a picture of the Grim Reaper. Michael felt the color drain from his face. The Reaper pulled the card away and with its right hand, held up a laminated newspaper clipping for him to read. Michael Fitzpatrick received a six-month sentence for the beating death of his then-girlfriend’s six-year-old son. Questions on the mishandling of evidence dropping the charges from murder to child abuse.

His stomach dropped. “I did my time for that,” he said, his voice shaking with dread. Out of nowhere, his captor’s fist came swinging down hitting him square on his nose. The sound of his nose breaking resonated loudly in his ears. Instantly his eyes began to water, and blood began flowing down his throat. He tried to turn his head so he could spit the coppery-tasting substance from his mouth, but the Reaper held him still, forcing Michael to swallow the thick fluid. The Reaper slowly shook its head from side to side. Fear of repercussions should he move kept him still and motionless even when his captor went back to the table again.

When the Reaper returned, he was shown another news article. This one detailing all fifty-three injuries the boy had sustained by him during a drunken rage. While he read the article, tears spilled from Michael’s eyes in earnest as he finally realized that he wasn’t going to get out of this room alive. Again, his captor went to the table, returned the news article, and came back to look down at him with its unblinking gaze. It held the Grim Reaper’s card up to him again, only this time it showed him the message that had been written on the back of the card. Swallowing several times to clear the blood from throat, Michael read it out loud, “Fear not those who are innocent, for I shall cause you no harm. I seek out only those who have yet to pay for their sins. Fear me if you have no remorse, for I am the Reaper, and I will ensure that you reap what you have sewn.” Michael looked from the card to the Reaper, tears flowing down his cheeks as he begged for his life. “Please, no. I did my time for that. I would never have hurt him if I hadn’t been drunk. It wasn’t my fault. She knows how I am when I get drunk. She should have kept him quiet and away from me.”

The Reaper placed the card on Michael’s chest and shook its head. With its other hand, the Reaper slowly lifted up a ball-peen hammer, holding it in front of Michael’s face so he could see it, the intention clear.

“Please, no. I’m sorry,” Michael sobbed, frantically pulling against his bindings as panic began to take over.

The Reaper slowly turned and walked around the table until it was standing next to Michael’s right knee. As the hammer was steadily raised over its head, the Reaper looked down into Michael’s eyes.

He didn’t feel the wetness pooling around him as his bladder released nor the pain of the restraints as they cut into his already raw and bleeding skin. The only thing he felt was pure unadulterated terror. “No, please! You don’t understand!”

The Reaper tilted its head, the hammer still hovering high in the air over Michael’s knee and placed one black-gloved finger to its mouth. Shhh. It said as the hammer came down hard, shattering his kneecap.  

 About the Author

Born in New England, Rae Scott spent her childhood hiking, fishing, and enjoying the outdoor life inherent to the area. This love of adventure led her to travel the world in a quest to discover new and exciting things, feeding her thirst for knowledge and creativity that she now draws on for her books.  In between her travels, she can be found on her porch in Virginia with her family coming up with new ideas as to where their next adventure will take them.

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Book Tour

Tour – Snow in Love

Snow In Love

by Libby Kay

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance

The slopes are heating up this holiday season!
Skiing’s golden girl finds love this Christmas when she falls for the sport’s bad boy.

Christmas is Sienna Markum’s favorite time of year. From the tinsel and traditions to the down time with family, all Sienna wants is a break from training. The Paralympics are months away, and she’s set on winning Alpine gold.

Connor Shoemaker has no plans for Christmas, other than train for the Paralympics. A motocross accident took one of his legs – and all of his confidence. Connor doesn’t think anything can get his old mojo back, until he meets Sienna.

Sienna was told her training would be private, but soon, she starts to warm up to her new training partner. Bad boy Connor is more than meets the eye. When her Christmas plans fall through, Sienna finds the best present under the tree – Connor.

But is Sienna willing to balance her training with a shot at love?
Can Connor find his confidence again, off and on the slopes?

Together, these two will learn there is more to life than skiing. And it looks a whole lot like love.

Fans of sports romances like Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata will love the enemies to lovers and forced proximity tropes in Libby Kay’s books. SNOW IN LOVE will have you snuggling up and enjoying hot cocoa by the fire. A perfect cold weather read!

**New Release!!**

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**Coming Soon on December 20th!**

Falling Home

A Buckeye Falls Novel

by Libby Kay

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance

Welcome to Buckeye Falls, Ohio!
Tis the Season for Second Chances…And this couple is going to need a Christmas Miracle!

When New York transplant Ginny Meyer returns to her small hometown to help her father recover from surgery, she isn’t looking for any complications. No Christmas caroling, no cookie decorating, and certainly no time spent with her ex-husband, Max. The trouble is, she’s looped into helping with the Christmas Jubilee—and a certain ex is her planning partner. Now all her plans to avoid Max disappear in a puff of tinsel. But she can resist his charms, right?

Max Sanchez has three great loves in his life—his diner, Christmas, and his ex-wife. He’s spent two years missing the woman who broke his heart and left town, and he’ll use any excuse to spend time with her. Max hopes some holiday cheer, and his famous cheese enchiladas, can help them find their way back together. Buckeye Falls hasn’t felt the same since Ginny left, and Max can tell she’s warming to the idea of staying in town. Now if only he could get her to stay with him…

With a little help from the residents of Buckeye Falls, this Christmas is bringing more than presents under the tree.

Author Libby Kay’s books are perfect for fans of Kristan Higgins’ second chance romances or Sharon Sala’s smalltown romances. Readers will fall in love with Buckeye Falls, Ohio and the townspeople as they embrace the holiday season. Slip in to this enchanting smalltown and stay awhile! You might just fall in love…

**PreOrder Now!!**

Amazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo * Bookbub * Goodreads

Libby Kay lives in the city in the heart of the Midwest with her husband. When she’s not writing, Libby loves reading romance novels of any kind. Stories of people falling in love nourish her soul. Contemporary or Regency, sweet or hot, as long as there is a happily ever after—she’s in love!

When not surrounded by books, Libby can be found baking in her kitchen, binging true crime shows, or on the road with her husband, traveling as far as their bank account will allow.

Writing is a solitary job, and Libby loves to hear from readers. Reach out and review her stories anytime. She’d love to hear from you.

Website * Facebook * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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Book Tour

Man Na Virtual Book Tour

A Daily Guide to Becoming the Salt God Intended

Christian Self-Help

Date Published: October 9, 2022

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Man Na is not just another devotional.

Each day, the typical devotional offers a passage, hopes it inspires, and waits for us to return for another dose of motivation. When the next day arrives, God is expected to feed us with more manna once again.

Man Na, on the other hand, has a secret ingredient that not only fills us up, but creates lasting fulfillment.What is its secret?

Salt. Man Na recognizes we are not only called to fill ourselves, but are designed to be salt for others through service, kindness, forgiveness, friendship, humility, gratitude, happiness, and love.

This devotional helps us stop focusing inward and start concentrating on others throughout the day.

By providing readers with God’s bread and His desire for us to be salt for others, Man Na offers what other devotionals do not. So, grab your shaker and get ready to become what God intended.


About the Author

John J. Murray Jr. is the award-winning author of Better Than Our Dogs. He leads Bible study groups with members from across the country. After leaving private practice as an attorney, John won the League for Innovation in the Community College Excellence Award as the Paralegal Program Director and law instructor at Alvin Community College. He lives in Texas with his wife, Lana, and their dog, Chloe.


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Book Tour

A Leap Into Darkness Virtual Book Tour

Fantasy Adventure, Animals, Family, Middle Grade (ages 10+)

Date Published: 10-28-2022

Publisher: Beasts at the Feast Press

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

A Readers’ Favorite 5-star review recipient

Magic stirs and a little dog speaks: the kingdom will fall. But will humans listen?

Jake is a fluffy little dog who just happens to be one of the Sculptor’s “wise

ones” . . . but nobody’s told him. He’s certain he’s ordinary, and he knows he doesn’t deserve living in a rags to riches fairy tale where he’s been rescued from his hardscrabble life by the King of Gorseland and pampered and loved by his two royal children, Janice and James.

But the good life is threatened with the arrival of the sorcerer, Beezeldorn, and his raven. Beezeldorn is a seeming charlatan: a crowd-pleaser with his sleight-of-hand and cheap spectacle. But his power from dark magic runs deep, on display in town when he heals a leper.

The queen senses the danger and pays for her instincts with her life.

Jake knows something is wrong, but what can he do? Beezeldorn is always one step ahead, moving into the castle, earning the king’s confidence, and befriending James. Even Janice is drawn to him.

Now it’s up to Jake to protect his family . . . before it’s too late . . . for the king . . . and his kingdom.

Perfect for fans of C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia.

About the Author

Ray Petrolino is an award-winning screenwriter and author.

He lives in North Carolina with his wife and family and their dog Jake (not just any dog, but a talking bichon with an unfulfilled set of demands).

When Ray is not writing, he’s listening to his dog (and sometimes his wife); or he can be found working on film sets, playing drums at his house, or playing drums at someone else’s house.

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