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Title: Pushed (Billionaire romance): Pursued By The Billionaire (Buchanan Romance Book 2)
Author: Alexx Andria
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
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Page Length: 195
Tana Brooks is the only thing standing in Buchanan Enterprises’ way of demolishing the historic Tamarack Hotel and she’s determined to do whatever it takes to stop them.
Billionaire Reece Buchanan has two choices: find a way to bring Tana down or lose everything.
It doesn’t matter that Tana stirs dark desires in him that are better left ignored.
It doesn’t matter that his heart beats faster whenever he pictures her in his bed.
All that matters is the win when the stakes are high.
Tana better watch out.
Buchanans play to win.
By any means possible.
Buchanan Romance novel by USA Today bestselling author Alexx Andria — No one loves like a Buchanan.

Alexx Andria has bought together another steamy story of the Buchanan’s. You meet more of the hot Buchanan men, that will not fail to keep you hook to the pages. Reece has been given a choice by his cousin, he either gets the deal done or he is finish. What does any male do when they could end up without any money? Tana wants to save her family legacy and the building at all cost. When she thinks she knows how to handle a Buchanan’s, she is throw for a loop when meeting Reece. You will see the spark fly with these two You get to see the emotions that, the feelings they feel for their cause and each other if when they are trying to fight it. This was a great read and recommend it

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How would you describe the plot of this book? some twist
Which of these words best describes the mood? suspenful
How would you describe the pace? steady
How would you describe the characters? developed
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