12304517_10207856554232295_1186777384304641974_o.jpgFated Release

Kristyn Eudes

Fate Keepers Book 2

Release Date: March 9th, 2016


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Thrust into a world of supernatural beings, Tris finds herself in the middle of ancient conflicts. Her best friend and the only person she can truly rely on, lays comatose after single-handedly pulling off the near fatal rescue of Tris.

Now she is scouring the country alongside a very brooding, emotional Lyon and an extremely irritating, annoying Orin. Will her life ever return to normal? What is normal?

Join Tris on her magical journey as she searches for a mysterious shaman and in the process, instead, finds herself and realizes she too… is special.

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I am the Chosen.

I know!

Sounds so cool right! My very existence threatens everything Ose the leader of the Orfeo has obtained. I just don’t know how to bring him crumbling to knees yet.

That’s where Lyon comes in … *sigh.

Yep I’m smitten.

HEY! Don’t judge me.

If you had seen him you’d be smitten too. He’s all hot, sexy, protective wildness rolled into a beautiful, British-speaking male specimen and he was created just for me. Together we will do everything in our power to stop the evil from spreading and destroying the world.


About the Author

Kristyn Eudes was raised in a small town in Alabama, where she recently married her best friend and love of her life. Together, they are raising their combined large family along with their newly adopted Tuxedo kitty, Fluffy.

When not writing the next book in her Fated Keepers series, Kristyn obsesses over The Vampire Diaries, enjoys reading books by her favorite authors and brainstorming her next writing project.

She loves all kinds of music and art, believing that creativity opens the soul. Her favorite hobbies are horseback riding and volleyball and she absolutely adores baseball (Go Red Sox) !!!


Website: www.authorkristyneudes.com/

Facebo0k: https://www.facebook.com/Author-Kristyn-Eudes-678273115623867/