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Jennifer Rose

Genre: Erotic Romance M/F & M/M




Cover Design: Karrie Jax/Karrie Jax Design

Cover Photo: Stock Photos

Release Date: 12.28.15


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Eden’s Pleasure, The Pulse Series Book 1









Nearly three years ago, Eden Fox ran from the only man she cared for because of an abusive relationship, to start anew in Boston.
Confident, strong and determined to make it on her own terms, no man would stand in her way. Never would she allow a man to mistreat her again. Will Eden’s strength of mind alone keep her violent past just that, in her past or will she be forever haunted by the memories.
Solely career driven and working her way up the ladder in a predominately male firm, Eden finally earns the executive position she has sacrificed all for. Her personal needs and wants tightly pushed to the side. But along with the winning bid that earned her this prestigious position, comes Chase.
Chase Dean, CEO of ‘Dean Construction Enterprises’. Tall dark and completely alpha-male, he sets his sights on Eden. What Chase wants Chase must have.
After turning her back on a personal life for so long, will she be able to hold to her strict ‘No Mixing Business with Pleasure’ rule? Or will Chase challenge that rule, when one crazy night of passion at ‘Pulse’ Night Club threatens to turn her world upside down.























He crawled over her body, then leaned in and licked her bottom lip.


Her eyes closed and she parted them, allowing him access to her waiting tongue.


While their tongues explored each other in eager swirls, Chase’s hands kneaded her breasts, feeling her nipples harden against the palms of his hands.

His hands slid to her back and, with precision, he unhooked her bra, pulling it away and releasing her breasts. Glancing down, a moan escaped him in response to the sight of her beautiful, plumped breasts and tight, pink nipples.


“You have magnificent tits, Miss Fox.” His mouth moved back and forth, from one nipple to the other, as he licked and sucked them insatiably.


Her moans of pleasure rang out through the room, making his lust for her hard to control. His balls throbbed almost painfully. Fisting his cock, he stroked a few times to give himself a moment of relief. He had extraordinary stamina, but she was going be the death of him.



Mikala’s Passion, The Pulse Series Book 2






Someone wants vengeance and will stop at nothing until he gets it.
Until Mikala Santino closes the doors to Pulse Night Club permanently, her life will remain an endless cycle of threats and terror, he’ll see to it.
But unlike your average damsel in distress, Mikala has a tough as nails take no crap attitude, she’s not about to crumble and won’t go down without a fight. That is, until Mason Reed returns to throw in the proverbial wrench and flip her world completely upside down.
Once the love of her life, the man she thought was her always, Mason has returned after abandoning her for eight long, lonely months. He’s come back to rescue her, like an unwanted knight in shining armor and Mikala’s not happy at all. Her walls have been carefully erected, Mason cautiously blocked from her thoughts, but she fears it will take more willpower than she can manage to resist him.
Mason isn’t one to take ‘buzz off’ for an answer. Well aware of the mistake he made by walking out of Mikala’s life all those months ago, he is going to do what it takes to get her back, even if it takes a lifetime. He’s a man on a mission, a mission to help her and break down her walls while he’s at it. Mason’s determined to rebuild what they had…once upon a time.





















Her eyes slowly opened as she felt his heat at her back. He hadn’t touched her but she knew he was standing there; she could smell his scent in the air and hear each breath he exhaled, after breathing her in.




“Give me a moment of your time,” Mason pleaded, as he pressed his body against her back.

“Yes,” she agreed, enjoying the feel of him molded to her.


“Sugar, I need you,” he said, with his lips against to the shell of her ear, “Say you need me too, put us back together where we belong.”




He tightened his grip around her waist, “At least say you’ll think about the idea of us, before you say no.”


Mikala couldn’t give him an answer, as she stood silent listening to each breath he took in, feeling it warm on her skin with each breath out.


The feel of his disappointment as his body retreated from hers, made her want to reach out and pull him close, but she resisted the urge and turned in his arm before they dropped to his side.


“I won’t give up on us,” he told her.






















Landon’s Desire, The Pulse Series Book 3








Ex-cop Landon Kyle came to Boston to help a friend in need and eventually head up security at Pulse nightclub. Ready and willing to escape his nightmares once and for all, he packed his entire life into a single duffle bag and headed east. What he discovered when he arrived at Pulse was an equally

appealing prospect, by the name of Carl Ward.
Landon had his sights set on the lead bartender, who happened to be in complete denial of his sexuality, but Landon would not be dissuaded in his pursuit. He vowed he would convince Carl to take a chance on him and

ultimately win his heart. Could Carl be persuaded to follow

his heart and realize the truth?
Carl Ward liked his cozy little life the way it was, his past and demons safely hidden behind the gruff exterior he had managed so well, then came Landon, big burly and annoyingly sexy as hell to shake up his world.
What Carl believed to be all he needed, was about to be

challenged by Landon’s Desire.
Warning: Due to use of adult language and graphic M/M sexual content, which may offend certain readers, this novel is not recommended for readers under 18 years or those who have issues with homosexuality and the real world.


















Stepping closer testing the waters, Landon swallowed back the urge to dart forward and rip the robe from Carl’s body. Instead, he circled around him like a lion prowling his kill. Standing at his back he leaned forward and scented him, he smelled of manly perspiration and oranges.


“Uh huh.”

“Are you sniffing me?”

“You smell like an orange.”

“It’s Bergamot oil, it’s a neuro-tonic, helps fight depression, fatigue and frustration,” Carl said, with a laugh.

Carl wasn’t bolting, wasn’t moving at all and Landon couldn’t resist asking, “Does that include sexual frustration?”

“It may, it has many valuable properties.”

Landon continued his slow quest until he stood face to face with Carl. He lifted his hand to the lapel of Carl’s robe and ran his finger down to the loop at his waist. He gave it a tug and Carl’s eyes dropped to Landon’s hand and darted back to his face.

“You’re not running.”

“No, I guess I’m not.”

Landon smiled.

“Do you like games Carl?” Landon asked, moving into Carl’s most private space, noting Carl swallowing hard.

“It depends on the game,” Carl answered.

“Do you like to try new things, are you the adventurous type?”

“I don’t know,” he answered truthfully. “Maybe…?”

“That’s not an answer,” Landon said, leaning into Carl’s ear. “You want to play a game with me, Carlton?”

“I don’t know.”

“Again, that’s not an answer,” Landon said, the corner of his mouth connecting with the lobe of Carl’s ear causing him to flinch. “If I promise to keep my dick in my pants, will you play my game?”

“Ace, what are you doing?” Carl asked, as a rush of hot air from Landon’s breath collided with the flesh under his ear, sending a spark reeling from his head to his toes.

“This is a game of trust,” he whispered. “I think you’ll like this game as much as I will, there are a few rules though.”

“Rules? What kind of rules? I’m not going to be happy am I? You’re going to fuck with me aren’t you?” Carl asked, full of cynicism.

“Relax, Babes, I’d never hurt you, I want you to trust me,” Landon pulled back to see trepidation on Carl’s face. “Don’t fear me, just feel.”











Jennifer Rose lives the glamorous life in Canada working as a part-time office clerk/manager. A mother of three grown boys, she decided to give up cleaning, cooking and day to day household chores in favor of sitting with a favorite beverage, be it coffee or wine and her trusty laptop, after a friend and author convinced her that she had what it took to write romance novels, so she took a creative writing course and finally started writing.





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