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TamingAlaskaBanner.jpgCOVER REVEAL

Title: Taming Alaska

Series: Duology

Author: Diana Downey

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Cover Design: Books on the Edge

Release Date: April 5, 2016




Shane O’Flannery is no Prince Charming.

He is uncouth, uncultured, untrainable.
Damn this man! How dare he humiliate Texas heiress Cynthia Diaz by turning her down, even if she was underage at the time?

When Shane first meets Cyn, his attraction to this frustratingly hot, flirtatious spitfire almost gets him into trouble when he discovers she’s only sixteen. He cannot forget the temptingly sweet taste of this woman-child, so for two years he does his damnedest to avoid this young siren.

Even though Shane’s body was chiseled from granite and Cyn compares every man’s caress to Shane’s panty-melting kiss, she dreams of her true knight in shining armor. So shortly after meeting charismatic, well bred, and breathtakingly handsome Mr. Waits, the perfect man in every way, she marries him. She fully expects a fairytale honeymoon in Bora Bora, Fiji, or Maui. Much to her chagrin, he whisks her off to the Alaskan Interior. When her life is threatened, she must rely on the ill-mannered Shane to survive—a man who has never read the Prince Charming manual.

Taming Alaska is a full-length standalone novel and is tied into a duology. Steamy thriller with a dash of satire and humor for 18 and older, including a strong alpha male and friends to lovers romance.








Excerpt 1


Mrs. Duncan sitting on the other side of Shane chokes on her asparagus. After she recovers, she asks, “How did it go today with you and Trevor?”

She’s bringing up my ex-boyfriend on purpose. Bitch. I put on my game face before wiping off the disdain from my lips and turning toward her. I lean across Shane, so only he and Trevor’s mom can hear, letting my breast sheathed only in silk rest on his bare arm. He literally stops breathing, and I smile at my small victory.

“Trevor and I broke up. He stole my virginity, and the sex sucked and maybe a real man, like Shane, could make up for it.”

“Cynthia,” she scolds. It takes her a full minute to recover while Shane laughs heartily.

“Trevor really likes you,” she says, but I know my sister Fay has the suitable pedigree.

I smile. “No, he doesn’t. Otherwise, he would’ve satisfied me.”

Shane’s not sorry at all. He’s grinning and slips his hand onto the back of my chair, which sends a flurry of evil eyes my way from Fay and Mrs. Duncan and the other women in the room. Shane isn’t even Fay’s type, let alone mine.

He leans down and whispers, “You’re certainly a spitfire. If your mom weren’t here, I’d take you home and guarantee your satisfaction.”

My body lights up at the promise of sexual gratification. Shane definitely thinks I’m older. I gaze up and down this man’s stealth-like body and know he can deliver. I wiggle in my seat to open up a bit more breast flesh for Shane’s enjoyment, and he does take a few unrepentant peeks.

“What year are you in college?” Shane asks, his fingers leaving a trail of burning coals on my skin while he uses his other hand to swig his beer.

Fay laughs while I glance at Mom to see if I can get away with a white lie. She gives a small shake of the head.

I sigh. “I’m sixteen, but I turn seventeen in another two months.”

“Sixteen?” he spits out a mouthful of beer. “Fuck,” he mutters under his breath. He’s so flustered he tips over a water glass, yet saves it before hardly any spills.


When he looks at me, like I just contracted herpes, I want to crawl under the table, but instead, I sit up straighter. He started this or maybe I did, but he joined right in.


Excerpt 2


Cyn stirs. “Are we home yet?” Her innocent eyes question mine.

“Soon.” I buckle her into the seat.

Cyn’s beautiful eyes smolder like burning embers. “Thank you.”

Unexpectedly, she grabs me by the collar, yanking me off balance and right against those temptingly sweet lips. Our foreheads butt, and she lets out a seductive moan as her tongue flicks across my teeth to torment me with her delectable mouth. An erection comes on strong now.

If I were sixteen, I’d fuck her senseless, but I’m not. It’s how I got over losing my brother. Poor Lindsey, my first girlfriend, walked funny for a few days. That wild girl never once complained, but that crazy bitch also took a blade to my throat while I was sleeping. I still bear a nasty scar along my jawline.

While testing the waters of heaven with this underage siren, my soul plunges into the burning heat of hell’s smokehouse. My brow nervously twitches, reminding me of my first time when Lindsey popped my proverbial cherry at fifteen, but Cyn’s taste is so much more enticing. God, at this moment, I wish I were sixteen.

What I’m doing is dead wrong, but I can’t help myself. I want this strong, courageous woman-child in the most carnal, animalistic way. In a moment of weakness, I draw her nearer to indulge in the kiss, stopping myself short from dragging her into the backseat to fulfill my wildest fantasies.

I cannot let this flame of a girl further lure me into the murky depths, her siren song dragging me down so deep I’ll drown. I find her almost impossible to resist, but the threat of sexual predator looming over my head wakes me up.

“Don’t stop,” she says, “You don’t have to worry. It’s consensual.”

Reality of her age slams into my chest, holding me back and softening my cock. “Given our age difference, it does matter.”

Her pretty face scrunches up. “It’s Fay. Isn’t it?”

A smile creases my lips that were just pressed against hers. “No. It’s not.” I lift Cyn’s chin. “You have a fire that burns so bright no real man cannot help but notice you.”

That beautiful and provocative innocence of youth sparkles in those dark eyes and crinkles her lips in disappointment. “I know she’s prettier.”

I draw in a long breath while eyeing this very sexy girl, the fire kindling in her eyes and melting me. “Cyn, you got away and that makes you a survivor. It’s a trait everyone admires but some fear. Use it to your advantage.”

She sniffles. “You don’t want me.”

I draw her into me and hold her, the scent of her hair and sunbaked skin practically unraveling me. “Have faith in yourself, Cyn. You are a strong, capable young lady.” And someday soon you’ll be one sexy as hell woman. “It’s not that I don’t want you. It’s because I cannot have you.”

Two years. In that time, I won’t forget the taste of her forbidden fruit. It still lingers on my tongue as I drive her home and out of my life.





Diana loves steamy sex that sizzles off the page but also well-developed characters and a solid plot that keeps the readers guessing. Strong, masculine men with endearing qualities and motivated, determined women always get to her. Diana’s work has earned several awards including first place Paul Gillette, Colorado Gold finalist, and two semi-finalists in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.


Diana loves to travel and meet interesting people whose character traits often provide important fodder to her stories. She loves to read and the outdoors, either hiking among the aspens or relaxing on a remote beach with a good book.













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