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FIRE AND RAIN☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆REVIEW☆҉☆‿➹⁀☆҉☆

Title: Fire and Rain (Carlisle Cops Book 3)
Author: Andrew Grey
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Product Link:
Page Length: 180
Carlisle Cops: Book Three

Since the death of their mother, Josten Applewhite has done what he’s had to do to take care of his little brother and keep their small family together. But in an instant, a stroke of bad luck tears down what little home he’s managed to build, and Jos and Isaac end up on the streets.

That’s where Officer Kip Rogers finds them, and even though he knows he should let the proper authorities handle things, he cannot find it in his heart to turn them away, going so far as to invite them to stay in his home until they get back on their feet. With the help of Kip and his friends, Jos starts to rebuild his life. But experience has taught him nothing comes for free, and the generosity seems too good to be true—just like everything about Kip.

Kip’s falling hard for Jos, and he likes the way Jos and Isaac make his big house feel like a home. But their arrangement can’t be permanent, not with Jos set on making his own way. Then a distant relative emerges, determined to destroy Jos’s family, and Kip knows Jos needs him—even if he’s not ready to admit it.

This was a wonderful story of falling down on bad luck and there is a silver lining waiting for you. Jos has been dealt a bad deal. Losing his mother & talking care of his little brother. In the process he is scam out his apartment after losing his job and they lose all their possession. One night Jos is trying to keep him and Isaac warm and dry, that is when they meet Kip. Kip is a police officer that has been called to business with someone being where they are not supposed to be. When Kip see them he can’t get them out of his mind. When he stops assault on Jos, the attraction starts between them. Even when they try so hard to fight it. Donald helps Jos get back on his feet. Slowly Jos is getting back to normal for him and Isaac, because there is always going to be something to put a wrench in all their happiness. When their Mother sister comes to town and try’s to cause trouble by saying she will take Isaac. Jos see that all the friends he has made that are willing to help him fight to keep his brother. The support and caring that Kip gave to Jos was wonderful and see their journey together. Highly recommend this book

How would you describe the plot of this book? some twist
Which of these words best describes the mood? Suspenseful
How would you describe the pace? steady
How would you describe the characters? developed
* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *
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