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Showcase author of the Day…..Cree Storm

cs-c-damienspastmates3Showcase Author of the day
Cree Storm
Damien’s Past Mates [Capulet 1]
Damien thought he was crazy when he went to sleep in 2015 and awoke in 1915.As if that wasn’t enough, Damien has to grasp he is surrounded by wolf shifters and two of them are his mates.Not knowing, if they follow through, everyone could die. Alpha Asher, of East Capulet, has known that Alpha Asa, from West Capulet is his mate he could never have. Their packs have been at war for over 100 years.Banished to this realm, as a result of their war, or so they thought. When Damien has a meltdown, Asher calls Asa in to help him. They cannot resist the mating pull any longer and the three become one. A Magic spell takes effectthey did not know was written in the ancient logs the Elders hold and refuse to hand over. Can the mates get what they need to save everyone or will they die trying to find out the secret? ** A Siren Erotic Romance