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Showcase Author of the day…Cree Storm

Showcase Author of the day
Cree Storm
The Magical Mating [Capulet 2]
by Cree Storm
Ira discovers his mates have had a spell cast on them by a madman bent on destroying CAPULET. This spell not only prevents them from recognizing him as their mate, but also threatens their lives. Nathan and Cain don’t understand the feelings running through them every time they look at Ira.Nathan’s guilt causes him to lash out at the man every chance he gets and Cain just ignores Ira in fear he will betray his mating even more than he already has. Traipsing through the forests of the magic lands, Ira, Nathan, and Cain must work together to find this cure and obtain the log book needed by the Alphas of CAPULET. Can Ira find the cure to the spell placed on his mates before it kills them? Will the three men ever find the log book they need to take back to their home? Or will Elder Roy beat them to it and take the cure with him? ** A Siren Erotic Romance
Although Cree Storm is from New Mexico, she has lived in Quebec Canada for almost a year now, with her fiancé. Canoeing, Snowmobiling, four wheeling, and sitting with her coffee writing are her new adventures and right now she is loving every minute of it. She misses her mountains, but has discovered so much more and has found ways to make her writing even more creative than ever.
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