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Cree Storm

Two for the Beta [Capulet 3]

by Cree Storm

Being in the middle of a battle between very strange creatures, in the year 1915, is not something Noah or Seth even considered when they left their home to find their best friend, Damien. The battles and near death experiences have Noah begging to go home and Pete trying to keep them as his mates. Seth feels left out of everything. He and Noah have been together since birth and in a relationship since puberty. Now Noah is needed to rewrite a book and Pete is needed to keep Noah safe, where does that leave him? He won’t be a third wheel or the reason Noah dies. Can he persuade Noah to stay and convince Seth he is needed just as much by his pack as Noah is? All Pete knows is he must try, while he keeps his mates safe from an Elder that wants to kill them and a Baliz that wants one of his mates as his own. ** A Siren Erotic Romance


Although Cree Storm is from New Mexico, she has lived in Quebec Canada for almost a year now, with her fiancé. Canoeing, Snowmobiling, four wheeling, and sitting with her coffee writing are her new adventures and right now she is loving every minute of it. She misses her mountains, but has discovered so much more and has found ways to make her writing even more creative than ever.


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