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Cover Reveal..One of Many

One of Many cover.jpg★★★★#CoverReveal★★★★
#OneOfMany by @MarataEros & @0emilygoodwin

→ Genre: #DarkRomance
→ Release Date: April 8th

Nineteen-year-old Audrey is Chosen. One of five wives within The Community.
Chosen of God or chosen of Father Weston?
Audrey believes in her role until one man breaks the cycle of manipulation and control.

Murder, sex, and a dark secret from the past strangle the present.
Can Audrey survive?
Does she want to?

Kiev is the prodigal son, come back to assert himself within The Community.
Not to uphold the ways of Father Weston’s teachings, but for vengeance.
He will wreck the lives of the wives as part of his plan.

Until one wife, the Little Bride, ruins his plan in ways Kiev had not imagined.
Can Kiev fulfill his vow to tear apart the lies and control his father has built a lifetime around, or will the cruelty and nightmares of his past be too much to overcome?

Will his love for one of many be the thing to heal his wounds?