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Runaway Encounter

Runway Encounter Complete Series Box Set: South Beach Romance


Carla Richmond runs a premiere modeling agency in South Beach. She’s successful, determined, passionate, driven and—ever since her personal assistant jumped ship to work for her biggest competitor—she’s desperate.

Enter Kellan Montclair, male model extraordinaire. Recently dismissed after a minor scandal, Kellan comes to her for a modeling job. But rather than put him on the runway for her newest client, Carla hires him as her Boy Friday instead.

Tempers flare, but when Kellan saves Carla’s ass at the last minute, she finds the confidence to put the scandal—and the fact that she’s ten years his senior—behind her.

Once again, Kellan finds his flawless body on the runway—not to mention in Carla’s bedroom!

Runway Encounter by Amanda Heartley is a sexy, flirty romp into the lives of Miami’s most beautiful!