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New Release

12472319_1180843785259565_7065094205107083533_n.jpgNEW RELEASE TODAY
The Midnight Cowboys Complete Collection
by Luxie Ryder
Protected by the Alpha
by Marcy Jacks
Storm and Silence (Storm and Silence Series Book 1)
by Robert Thier
Alpha Fever: 22 Sizzling Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Stories (Alpha Heat & Alpha Fever)
by Elianne Adams (Author), Erzabet Bishop (Author), Muffy Wilson (Author), Rozlyn Sparks (Author), Jacintha Topaz (Author), Elvira Bathory (Author), Tara Crescent (Author), Crystal Dawn (Author), Tricia Owens (Author), D. F. Krieger (Author), A.C. Nixon (Author), Isis Pierce (Author), Abi Aiken (Author), Dawn White (Author), Kiki Howell (Author), Gina Kincade (Author), Bethany Shaw (Author), Danielle Gavan (Author), Paige Matthews (Author), Tierney O’Malley (Author), Jacqueline Sweet (Author), Angelica Dawson (Author), Tanith Davenport (Author), Abby Hayes (Author)

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