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PRE Order Mouth Rocks the Heart

12773278_1706439882934997_46213247_o.jpgLAYLA STEVENS


PRE ORDER March 21st

Mouth Rocks The Heart Anthology

by Christy Dilg (Author), Kristen Hope Mazzola (Author), Mary Catherine Gebhard (Author), Dawne Walters (Author), Emily A. Lawrence (Author), M.C. Cerny (Author), Katherine Rhodes (Author), t.h. Snyder (Author), L.B. Dunbar (Author), Lorraine Loveit (Author), Morgan Jane Mitchell (Author)


25 authors bring you 23 brand new, steamy stories to help raise money for women’s heart disease! 100% of the profits will be donated directly to charity!

➳ Christy Dilg, Book Title: Madam Cougar
➳ Mary Catherine Gebhard, Book Title: Tied (Owned 2.5)
➳ Dawne Walters & Bo Driscoll, Book Title: Center Ice
➳ Emily A. Lawrence, Book Title: Derailed
➳ M.C. Cerny, Book Title: Twenty
➳ Katherine Rhodes, Book Title: Now. Forever.
➳ t. h. snyder, Book Title: Classified
➳ L.B. Dunbar, Book Title: The Red Dress Affair
➳ Madison Street, Book Title: Heated Rhythm
➳ Carter Ashby, Book Title: To Be Touched
➳ Layla Stevens, Book Title: What the Heart Wants
➳ Danielle Torella, Book Title: Tenant Number Seven
➳ Lorraine Loveit, Book Title: The Dom Bodyguard
➳ Kristen Hope Mazzola, Book Title: Colt&Serena
➳ Danielle Jamie, Book Title: Just South of Heaven
➳ Isobelle Cate, Book Title: Foil
➳ MJ Carnal, Book Title: Moretti
➳ Tiffany Aleman, Book Title: Fixing Us
➳ Erica M. Christensen, Book Title: Dangerous Desire
➳ M.A. Stone, Book Title: Whiskey Drunk Love
➳ Morgan Jane Mitchell, Book Title: The Red Door
➳ K.s. Smith & Megan C. Smith, Book Title: Love Me For Me
➳ Misha Elliott, Book Title: A Day for Love

was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1996. I have a huge family who I shocked them when I told them I was writing my first book. I have had a love a reading since I was young. Reading has always been my escape. I can read and be a princess or a warrior. Reading for me was always something magical. And I hope to pass that on to you all.

I am blessed to be the mom of a little girl named Sage who is the light of my life. {I call her Olga, and she hates it} I did not give birth to her but I choose her.

I am blessed with great friends who have always had my back. I have a lot to learn in this world of writing but, so far I am enjoying the ride. I have a fantastic Four that are my true loves. No names will be mentioned as they know who they are. I Love you all very much. {I didn’t included alters in that comment}.

I’m very opinionated and have no filter. I speak my mind without thinking of the consequences. Does this get me in Trouble? Yes it does every single day. But I will not change. I march to my own beat. My mom says that I can be a one man band.
I am always willing to help out anyone who is in need all you have to do is ask. I never knew that writing a book would show me so much about myself. I have learned so much in a short amount of time. And I can’t wait to learn more.

This past year has truly blessed me in so many ways. I was nominated on several blogs for best LBGT author, and guess what? I won on Coast to Coast Book Besties. Needless to say I’m over the moon excited because I’m firm believer in Equal Rights. So in my books you will find a little bit of everything. I’m not ashamed to step out of the normal cookie cutter box. I like to push the limits, and I love to be different.

“Always remember to let your Faith be bigger than your fear.” ~ Layla Stevens

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