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The Bet By J D Hawkins

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NEW!!!!! The Bet by J.D. Hawkins


What would you do if a famous producer approached you at a club and told you he wants to make you a star? Would you take the leap?

Brando Nash is a bad boy with a wall of platinum records and a line of girls just begging to work with him–and under him. And he wants to make me famous. Who could say no? But I’m not in this for cheap thrills, no matter how hard his body is, or how good he is at charming my panties off.

When we start working together, I fight to keep my heart in check. He’s unbelievably hot, a musical genius and a dirty talking, arrogant playboy. There’s no way I can resist.

But when I find out he’s just in this for a bet, everything changes. I’m not just a dirty game. With my heart and career on the line, I have too much at stake. Can I risk it all and give him a second chance?

*** The Bet is a full length, stand-alone romance starring a dirty talking alpha male. If over the top sexual fantasy and out of control chemistry offend you, don’t buy this bestselling book.

This was previously published as Brando 1 and Brando 2 and contains additional scenes.