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REVIEW Shadowing the Beast



Title: Shadowing the Beast

Author: Ann Jacobs

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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Page Length: 171


Stefan d’Argent has spent lifetimes hunting Louis Reynard, a renegade vampire who’s bent on a sick trail of revenge for all those who resemble the woman who broke his heart. When Reynard slips through his grasp in a savage battle, Stefan tracks him to his next victim, the lovely and incredibly alluring Julie Quill.

Julie has led a quiet life with only one flaw, that she bears a striking resemblance to Alina, queen of the vampires and the woman who rejected Reynard. When Stefan d’Argent enters her life in an effort to save her, he awakens in her a sensual need she never knew she had, and one that she knows only he can fulfill.

As Julie and Stefan lose themselves in the burning desire that flares between them, Reynard grows closer and threatens to destroy everything they both hold dear. And in the epic struggle that ensues, they will discover that the height of their passion is matched only by the intensity of the fight they’ll put up to save their lives and the eternal love they’ve discovered in each other’s arms.

This is a fully revised and expanded edition of a story first told in Eternity of Darkness.


This is the second book in Hunting the Dark Lord Series. This book can be read as a standalone, but do recommend reading the first one so you can follow along with all the characters and what they fighting for. Stefan has seen many things in his long existence as a vampire. All the changes that has happen over hundreds of years. There are some things that do not change much is that there is some truly evil out there in the world. Stefan has fallen to many times for a beautiful face that has bought him a lot of pain in the past. Julia cannot have caught a break; she has caught the eye of killer vampire that will not stop until he has her. Julia develops feeling for Stephan and he tries very hard to block them, so he can protect her from this Evil Reynard. Will Stephan finally be able to claim his mate or let his fear overcome everything? Can’t wait to see what happens in the next book, Recommend this book and series today

How would you describe the plot of this book?  some twist

Which of these words best describes the mood? Suspenseful

How would you describe the pace? steady

How would you describe the characters? developed

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *


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RELEASE BOOST – The Bad Boy Reformed Series Boxed Set by Alyssa Rae Taylor

Title: The Bad Boy Reformed Series Boxed Set
Series: Bad Boy Reformed #1-3
Author: Alyssa Rae Taylor
Genre: New Adult Romance
 Release Date: March 31, 2016

#1 Raising Ryann

He’s the stereotypical fighter- 100 percent alpha male. The kind of guy a girl should avoid at all costs. When he’s hired to privately train me, avoiding him isn’t an option. Most girls would love to drop their panties, even if it is just to catch a glimpse of his dimpled smile. I won’t fall victim to his charm. That’s what I tell myself at least, though it’s torture when my mind’s at war with my body. Something about the tattooed bad boy draws me in. It isn’t just the broad shoulders, piercing eyes, and muscular frame that has me entranced. Luke Ryann has a secret. And I plan to find out what it is.

#2 Resisting Ryann

What happens when the person you love becomes threatened by your very existence? How far will you go to keep them safe?

Luke Ryann will do anything to protect the woman he loves, even if it means shattering her heart. When the mystery of his past comes back to haunt him, he leaves Reese behind and enters the life of crime he had worked so hard to escape. When all is said and done, will he be able to get out of this alive, or will he be in over his head?

She’s been in love with him since her childhood, but now she questions everything. After Reese Johnson discovers Luke’s disappearance has nothing to do with the MMA, she faces a difficult choice. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him? Or will the secrets and lies be too damaging for her to trust again? Will this couple ever have a chance? You know what they say.

Sometimes … love just isn’t enough.

#3 Breaking Ryann

He promised to leave me alone, but that was a lie. I should have known he’d have this pull on me—seeping through my skin and into my bones, burning me from the outside in. It’s just like when we were kids, and I can no longer avoid him. I’ve accepted it, but what will it take to convince him that I am no longer his? Is that really what I want?

I told her I’d leave her alone. But who was I kidding? I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge. He stole my girl—my future—from me. I’m coming back with a vengeance. I’m taking back what he took from me. After all the secrets and lies, can we come back from this? Even if it breaks me, I’ll stop at nothing to protect what’s always been mine.

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He runs a hand over the back of his neck, “Oh, and just so you know, when we train together…” He smirks, then leaning in he whispers against my ear, “I’m the one in control.”

I blink a couple times, opening my mouth to argue, then decide against it.

Pulling away he meets my eyes, “Can you handle that?” He’s still whispering.

I feel my cheeks heat. I want to say, Actually, I don’t know if I can. Instead I answer, “Yeah, I think I can handle it,” in a funny voice that I don’t recognize. The cocky son of a bitch can probably do anything he wants talking to me like that!

His mouth turns up. “Good.”

Author Bio
USA Today Bestselling author Alyssa Rae Taylor lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, their three daughters, two English bulldogs and a miniature pig. Her hobbies include reading, writing, watching Sam & Dean Winchester, fight off scary creatures on the WB, Sons of Anarchy and reality television. She enjoys stories that tug at her emotions and include lots of sexual tension. Her dream is to travel the world with her husband and children beside her. The first time she started writing, she couldn’t stop, which leads to the publishing of the Bad Boy Reformed Series.
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Release Day Blitz for Dominant Persuasions

Dominant Persuasions: Twelve tales of dominance and submission…where mastery meets passion.

12 Scintillating tales of Dominance and submission as told by your favorite Amazon, NYT, & USA Today Bestselling Authors.

In a world of power plays, and safewords, only the strongest can find pleasure in submission. From strangers passing in the night, to lifetime loves that spark with new life; join us in the intriguing world of BDSM. No is not a safeword, and this deal is only available for a limited time!

Featured Novellas:

Dom Persusions CoverSubmission Dance by Lori King

Out of Order by Bella Juarez

Surrender Her Inhibitions by Nicole Morgan

Make Believe Submissive by Daisy Philips

Under His Protection by Doris O’Connor

Broken by Julia Sykes

The Sub That Got Away by Amy J. Hawthorn

In His Hands by Raven McAllan

Indulge by Sherri Hayes

Submitting To Temptation by Jan Graham

Fire and Ice (An Excerpt from KNOTTED) by Juliet Braddock

Yes, Justin (Expanded Edition) by Michele Zurlo


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Blurb for Surrender Her Inhibitions by Nicole Morgan

Three years ago Sophia Hunt was on the tail end of a bad break up and in a vulnerable and confused state of mind when she crossed paths with the sexy and seductive J.T. Mastrantonio.

Stuck in a rut and no longer satisfied with his successful life, J.T. finds an unfamiliar ache when the scared girl who ran out on him years earlier walks back into his life.

Though time is not their side, Sophia is faced with the realization that her biggest fears and greatest temptations are one in the same. And only J.T. will be the one who can get Sophia to surrender to her inhibitions.


Enjoy this excerpt from Surrender Her Inhibitions by Nicole Morgan

Nicole MorganJ.T. was going wild inside. His body and mind were fighting some sort of battle between good and evil and he had no idea who would win. All he was certain of was that he had to feel Sophia’s naked body against his. It didn’t matter how much his body ached or how hard his cock was. He had to wait. He had to be patient and not push for too much too fast. Time already wasn’t on his side. Pushing her was a luxury he didn’t have.

Sweat dripped down his chest from lack of control. He looked down at the top of her head as she seemed to nuzzle up against him. Her precious movements of needing to be close to him were almost more than he could take.

“J.T.?” her soft whisper broke their silence.

“Yeah, babe?”

“You said…I could…trust you?”

He took her face in his hands, gently cupping her cheeks. “Yes. I promise. I will not hurt you.”

“What about…other stuff?”

Her question surprised him, but it made him curious all the more. “Other stuff? Like what?”

“If there was something that I…”

“Don’t be scared.” He urged her.

She looked at him for a long while before moving from his hold. At first, he didn’t realize what she was doing. Instinctively he wanted to grab her and keep her from running away for the third time. That was before he watched her drop to her knees on the plush white carpeting and nestle herself between his legs.

She looked at up him. Her brown eyes looked like swirling lakes of milk chocolate, swimming with sweet decadence.

He knew what she wanted. And he didn’t know how he knew, but he was certain she had no idea how to take it.

With his restraint already walking a tightrope between pleasure and pain for the past hour plus he saw no reason to make both of them suffer, so he did what every good man would do and offered her a hand.

He reached down and wrapped his hand around his cock, fisting it in his palm, stroking it until pre-cum leaked to the top. He watched as her eyes stared hungrily at him. Her mouth hung partially open as heavy breaths heaved from her chest.

Damn if her mouth didn’t look like it was going to be the best kind of torture.

“Lick it.” He told her.

He waited, wondering if she would protest with those old fears rearing their ugly head. Instead, she just bent her head down and swiped her tongue across his head.

“Uh uh.” With his gentle but firm hold on her cheek, J.T. gently guided her down to his cock. “You’re not done baby. Suck on my cock. Show me why that pussy gets so wet.”

He knew he had been taking a chance getting quite so graphic with her, but the true nature of who he was came to the surface. And damn if she didn’t seem to like it because she opened her mouth wide and took him deep in the first attempt. Her mouth sucked him so intently that he would’ve given anything to keep her from stopping, but his need to bury his cock inside her pussy was nearly overpowering him and wreaking havoc on his normally in control sex drive.

She let out a whimper, interrupting him from his thoughts. He loved how he was finding so much about her in such a short time. Her zeal in taking him showed him just how hungry and thirsty she truly had been for his cock.

She was such an incredible contradiction that he wanted to learn more about her with every moment that passed. She may not know it yet, but her appetite for sex had to be just as big as his. Almost, but not quite. No one could ever quite match up to how hungry J.T. could get. Maybe with Sophia, he’d finally meet his match.

His need to see her eyes while she took him into her mouth over and over again surprised him. There was something about the innocence of her stare that made him crave that attention.

“Look up at me,” J.T. told her

As if they’d been lovers for a long time she did exactly as he asked. Out of all the women he played with, Sophia was different. Why he had no idea. And he wasn’t even sure it was a good thing. He kept women at arm’s length for a very important reason. Their mere presence could be complications in themselves. His job was stressful enough. He didn’t need to deal with the hassle of dating and relationships.

While he watched her head move up and down, her brunette hair shining in the bedroom light, he was struck by her beauty. For the first time, he realized that she was wearing nearly no makeup. He was used to women who piled it on for that flawless porcelain doll look. That wasn’t what he was seeing before him with Sophia. Her face was flawless in a different sort of way. Her cheeks were flush from passion, desire, and with the blush of orgasm. She was glistening with sweat. Her hair was a mess and as he watched her, he realized that she was probably one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.

Despite her beauty and charm, one of her most alluring traits was the way her mouth was holding him so exquisitely in her grasp. As she looked up at him he couldn’t help but be entranced by the expression her face held. Her cheeks were sunken in, her lips clasped tightly shut around his cock as she twisted her head in a side to side motion while bobbing her head back and forth down onto his entire length.

Sophia Hunt. Whoever she was, was a fucking goddess.

Enjoy this excerpt of Indulge by Sherri Hayes

Sherri Hayes“Are you cold?”

I shook my head. Even though I was wearing a skirt, there was heat in the tramcar. Besides, I was used to my legs being uncovered most of the time. I wore a skirt to the office almost every day.

He bent his head to kiss me. It was soft and full of gentle suction.

There was a slight jerk as the tramcar eased up next to a booth similar to the one at the bottom of the mountain. A woman approached us and opened the door so we could exit.

Logan went first and then helped me out.

“Thank you, Sir.” The woman seemed unfazed by my response. She probably figured it was said in teasing because he was being a gentleman helping me out.

He grinned and tucked my hand in the crook of his elbow as we strolled into the chalet. It reminded me of our cabin with all the wood everywhere, but it was larger. There was a place for people to buy souvenirs, tables where people could sit and eat, and even a small sitting area.

We browsed the souvenirs but didn’t find anything that interested us. Eventually we ended up out on the deck that overlooked Lake Superior. He stood behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist.

“It’s so peaceful here,” I whispered.

Logan hummed as he rested his chin on top of my hair.

“Can I ask you something?”

He gave me a little squeeze. “You can ask me anything.”

“If it hadn’t been for Stephan, would you have embarked on this lifestyle with me? I mean, if we’d just met randomly, dated, and then I told you that’s what I was into, would you have given it a try? Or would you have run away from me as fast as your feet could take you?”

I felt his chest vibrate a little before his lips pressed against the top of my head. “I wish I could say that I still would have given us a shot, but I don’t know. When we met, there was this instant connection I felt to you . . . one I couldn’t explain. Maybe that would have been enough for me to try and give you what you needed. I’d like to think so.”

I turned in his arms and laced my fingers behind his neck. “But?”

Logan smiled. “But having Stephan to help me understand the hows and whys certainly make it easier. I don’t think we’d be where we are today without his assistance.”

Standing up on my tiptoes, I brushed my lips against Logan’s. “Guess I owe him a big thank you, huh? Maybe do something special for him?”

Logan dug his fingers into my skin and a sound almost like a growl bubbled up from his chest. He pressed my body flush against his. He knew I was teasing, but there was a part of him that still got jealous when it came to Stephan and me. I had played with Stephan first, after all.

I rubbed my hands up and down Logan’s back. His pupils dilated and I felt myself grow wetter. Why did his acting like this turn me on so much? I knew as an independent woman it shouldn’t, but that didn’t make the evidence to the contrary go away.

He grabbed my ass and plunged his tongue inside my mouth at the same time. “Mine.” He gasped as he came up for air and then dove back in. It was a good thing we were the only ones out on the deck at the moment.


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Promo Tour Weave A Murderous Web

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#mystery #suspense #Amazon #ebook #Kindle
Author: Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks
Genre: Mystery

Hosted: ( @MoBPromos

Buy Links:
Amazon Kindle:
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No good deed goes unpunished. Mark Samuels, a somewhat seedy matrimonial lawyer, is dead from an overdose of suspiciously pure cocaine. Jane Larson, a hotshot litigator for a large law firm in New York City, is sucked into the world of divorce and child support when her friend Francine asks her to help out one of Mark’s clients.

Jane quickly learns that the case is a complete loser and that her new client, Gail, is a demanding and unscrupulous prima donna. However, through some skillful legal work and a tip-off from a mysterious informant, Jane uncovers a safe deposit box where the deadbeat husband has been hiding a large chunk of cash.

She also attracts the attention of a fellow lawyer (Bryan) who is handsome and successful and an excellent protector from the threats to her life that suddenly start popping up with alarming frequency, along with murders of people related to the case—among them the deadbeat dad and an undercover cop.

It soon becomes apparent that Jane’s discovery of the cash has only started to unravel a web of lies, drugs, and criminal activity. Ultimately, she is involved in a race to recover a suitcase of money that Jane hopes will help police catch the murderer before she becomes the next victim.

Review Quote:
A fast paced legal thriller.

Jane Larson takes on a divorce case at the request of a friend. She quickly discovers it is not only her client who is after her husband’s assets and others are prepared to kill for them. With bodies dropping like flies around her, her own life is in danger as is the reputation of an ex-lover as she races against the police and an unknown killer to uncover the truth.

I’ve only visited New York once but this book brings to life the inhabitants along with the sights and sounds of the city exactly as I remember them. Jane Larson is a likeable if sometimes brash and prickly character who I could relate to. Suspense and intrigue builds but never at the expense of realism and the story and all the characters that play a part are totally believable.

Great read. By Maria on March 22, 2016

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RELEASE BLITZ – Deciding Love by Janelle Stalder

Title: Deciding Love
Series: Bloomfield #3
Author: Janelle Stalder
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: April 5, 2016

Chloe Morgan had a pretty simple life, until her father moved them to a new town and a new school for her senior year. Learning to adapt isn’t easy, especially after finding out she has an older brother she never knew about. All Chloe wants to do is get through the year in one piece. Except things get even harder when her new friend’s older brother, Kyle Briggs, keeps ruining all her well laid plans. It’s a love/hate relationship. She’s just not sure where the emphasis lies – on the hate…or the love?

Purchase Links
Author Bio

Janelle Stalder was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. At an early age she developed a love for literature. Her debut novel, Eden, was the first book in a series of four, released in September of 2011. Since then she has released an Adult Dystopian Romance series, the New World Series, hitting the best sellers list on Amazon. She has also released a Mature YA/NA novel, Brush Strokes, that stayed on the best sellers list for contemporary romance for sixteen straight weeks. She is a strong supporter of other independent authors, and loves to interact with her readers. When she’s not writing, Janelle is at home with her husband, three children, Aiden, Elora and Violet, and her two furry children, Alice and Lily. She now resides in a small town in Ontario in her old, possibly haunted, century home.

Author Links