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Blog Tour for The Moon Series by Cassandra Lawson!

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This box set contains the first four books in the Moon Virus Series.
Book 1 – Raven’s Blood
Book 2 – Embrace the Heat
Book 3 – Seducing Death
Book 4 – Shattered Restraint

The first two books each contain a graphic scene involving physical and psychological abuse which may be disturbing to some readers.

Front Raven's Blood.jpg


Book 1: Raven’s Blood

Following the death of her wood nymph mother at the hands of vampires, Raven worked hard to build a life for herself in one of the few remaining human settlements. Her life takes a frightening turn when she finds herself an unwilling guest in a vampire settlement, but things are not anything like she expected them to be. Still, she cannot help but feel that her attraction to the vampire leader is a betrayal to her mother’s memory and her human friends.

From the moment Connor first laid eyes on Raven she has thrown his entire world off-balance. In order to prove his strength as a leader, he has no choice but to take her up on her offer to trade her freedom for that of her human friends. Having begun his life as a slave, he has no interest in keeping the wood nymph captive. As a man, he has no desire to feel this overwhelming attraction to a woman who hates him and his kind.

As Raven spends more time with the vampires, her feelings for Connor grow even stronger and Connor finds that she may be the one thing he cannot live without. Unfortunately, a new danger emerges that could threaten the survival of vampires and humans alike. As Connor struggles to unravel the mystery of the attacks from a new species of vampire, a madman will go to any lengths to get Raven’s blood.

Ravens Blood Teaser


Front Embrace the Heat


Book 2: Embrace the Heat
On her seventh birthday Layla’s mother mysteriously disappeared. Raised by a wood nymph in one of the few remaining human settlements, Layla learned to fight from an early age. She also learned to distrust the vampires who rule most of the land. When a vampire saves her life, Layla finds herself more than a little drawn to him, even knowing he could never give his heart to a human.
The trauma of his childhood left Simon weary and distrustful of all humans, until the day he saved Layla’s life. After seeing the spirited human fighting like a seasoned warrior, Simon can’t help but respect and admire her. He soon learns that Layla is much more than he ever imagined, and he finds it hard to stay away from her. Despite the depths of his feelings, Simon knows there can be no future for them.
Both of their worlds are turned upside down as Layla nears her twenty-seventh birthday. Suddenly the male vampires are inexplicably drawn to her, and Simon is no exception. As they unravel the mystery of Layla’s heritage, an enemy from their past resurfaces and threatens to destroy Simon and all that he cares for.
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Book 3: Seducing Death
In the decade following the brutal murder of his wife and daughter, Ian has existed in a world built on grief and hatred. Just when Ian has finally begun to claw his way through the shadows of his past, a knife to the heart ends it all . . . or is it the beginning? After waking up in a strange home, Ian’s only companion is the woman who saved him. Undeniably drawn to her, Ian finds himself wondering if it really is possible to love again.
Trapped in a world where she is little more than a pawn for the Fae, Kyleigh long ago accepted the reality of her existence. She is no one’s savior and no one’s guardian angel; she is death. That is until she breaks all the rules to save a vampire many believe beyond salvation. Ian sparks a passion she never believed possible and reawakens emotions she thought long buried.
While secluded in a realm between life and death, Ian and Kyleigh are free to explore their feelings for each other. When enemies, past and present, join forces to destroy those Ian loves, they are forced to leave the safety of Kyleigh’s realm. Can their fragile bond survive when they are faced with the demons of Ian’s past?
Seducing Death Teaser


Shattered Restraint Front Cover.jpg
Book 4: Shattered Restraint
As a half-breed shapeshifter, Quinn has always assumed she would be sent away when she fails to change into a lynx on her twenty-seventh birthday. Her future seems hopeless until she meets Danny, a human who helps her dream of a life beyond the next two years. When she discovers that everything she’s ever believed about her heritage is a lie, her world is turned upside down, and she is no longer sure she can fully commit to Danny.
Captured by enemies of the born vampires, Danny is forced to face his greatest fears while struggling to stay alive. Thoughts of Quinn, a woman he barely knows, keep him sane. After his escape, fate intervenes and Danny finds himself rescuing Quinn. While Danny’s future still seems uncertain, he is sure of one thing—Quinn is the woman for him. Now, he just needs to convince her that they belong together.
In the sanctuary of the shapeshifter community, Danny and Quinn are free to explore their growing feelings without world interference from the outside, but Danny knows he can’t avoid his old life forever. As the sanity of an old enemy rapidly unravels, no one is safe, and the born vampires must face a foe who will stop at nothing to destroy them.
Shattered Restraint Teasser
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Cassandra Lawson is an author and homeschooling mother of three from the San Francisco Bay area. She has always had a very active imagination and loves making up stories. When she is not writing, she enjoys baking, spending time with her family, listening to music, or curling up with a good book.

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Decipher (Book 3 in the Declan Reede: The Untold Story) Series by Michelle Irwin Release Boost


Decipher (Declan Reede: The Untold Story #3) by Michelle Irwin

Release: March 17th

MI-Deciphe rAmazon Cover


Brake hard, jostle for position, and watch for the blind corner.

In a swirl of controversy, Declan Reede lost everything important to him. Now old temptations resurface, old battles reignite, and he has nothing left in reserve.

When a glimmer of hope is offered, Declan has to stand and fight for what he wants or he might just lose it all forever.

How can he decipher the clues and get revenge on those who want to see him burn?

Decipher - Nights










Decipher - Bottles

About The Author

Michelle Irwin Bio

Michelle Irwin has been many things: a hobbit taking a precious item to a fiery mountain; a young child stepping through the back of a wardrobe into another land; the last human stranded not-quite-alone in space three million years in the future; and a time-travelling madman in a box. All of these feats and many more were achieved through her voracious reading. Eventually, the cast inside her mind took over and spilled onto the page.

Michelle lives in sunny Queensland in the land down under. A lover of love and overcoming the odds, she primarily writes paranormal and fantasy romance.

Social Link:

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REVIEW Darkest Desires



Title: Darkest Desires (The Club)

Author: Nicole Blanchard

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Product Link:

Page Length: 71


This novella is a standalone that is part of The Club series. To learn more about The Club, visit or

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Nicole Blanchard

Nothing satisfies me anymore.

I’d abandoned my dreams of making it big in New York, freed myself from my last relationship, and swallowed my pride by returning to my hometown of Karim, Texas.

A chance to forget about my failures and make a fresh start.

By accepting an invitation to an exclusive establishment known only as The Club, I want to indulge in my forbidden passions. Maybe one night exploring my fantasies will finally allow me to move on to the respectable doctor I’d just met.

But after one encounter with the mysterious stranger in the secluded room, I fear one taste of him will never be enough.

Caught between the dream man my heart is falling for and the stranger who satisfies me in ways I’ve only dreamed of, I learn the cold, hard truth.

No one can ever cure me of my darkest desires.


Darkest Desires is a beautiful written story about not giving up on yourself to fit others desires. This was hot and steamy short read that you will totally enjoy. Stella had big dreams to make it big in New York and when her dreams do not bear fruit she returns home. Stella mother is there to support her fully; she sets Stella up on a blind date with a doctor. What happens when the date ends early and Stella hears of exclusive club that she wants to get into and see what all the fuss is about. Stella meets a mystery man at the club, who does she choose the doctor Mikhail or mystery man that push all her buttons. This story does end on a cliff hanger, can’t wait to see what happens next. Highly recommend this book today

How would you describe the plot of this book?  some twist

Which of these words best describes the mood? Suspenseful

How would you describe the pace? steady

How would you describe the characters? developed

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *


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BLANK by Cassie Wild


BLANK Cover final


“They say I just woke up from four months in a coma but that’s not the worst…I have no idea who I am!”

When nineteen year-old college student, Preslee Keats, wakes up after four months in a coma, she has no recollection of what happened, of how she ended up in the hospital. All the police can tell her is that she was in a car accident and the other driver still hasn’t been found.

Soon after coming to, Quaid Fields, a high profile defense attorney, comes to visit her. To her surprise, he offers her a hundred thousand dollars to ‘help her get back on her feet.’ Realizing that this sort of money never comes without a catch, she doesn’t want to take the bait.

However, after learning that she lost her job and are now facing mountains of education and medical bills, she may have no choice. And if she does accept, what does that say about the kind of person she really is?

Don’t miss BLANK, the latest erotic romance by Cassie Wild.






Cassie Wild loves romance. Ever since she was eight years old she’s been reading every romance novel she could get her hands on, always dreaming of writing her own romance novels.

When M.S. Parker approached her about co-authoring Serving HIM series, it didn’t take Cassie many second to say a big yes!!

Serving HIM is only the beginning to the collaboration between M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild. Another series is already in the planning stages.




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Echoes of the Past


Fermosa Bay #1
New Adult Contemporary Romance
::: SYNOPSIS ::::
Emily Bradshaw waited over twenty years to see Connor again…
When her childhood friend, Connor Walsh, returns home to see his ailing father, Emily is elated to be reunited with the handsome man who moved to London so many years ago. But excitement fades to disappointment when he doesn’t remember her—or their first kiss. With her crush on Connor still in full swing, she’s determined to enjoy the short time he’s in Fermosa Bay, even though she knows her heart will break when he returns to his life in London.
When Connor receives news that his biological father is terminally ill, he returns to Fermosa Bay, Australia. 
With memories of his childhood tucked fondly in the back of his mind, returning to the small, coastal town leaves him to wonder how life would have been if his mother had never taken him away. Would he have been married and had children? Perhaps with Emily Bradshaw…
Secrets from long ago begin to unfold…
As Connor and his father grow closer, Connor learns his parents have a broken love story of their own. Will the echoes of the past lure him into staying, maybe for good? Or will he relive his parents’ tragic story and flee to London? 
Walking away from a real chance at true love…
Iris Blobel was born and raised in Germany and only immigrated to Australia in the late 1990s. Having had the travel bug most of her life, Iris spent quite some time living in Scotland, London as well as Canada where she met her husband. Her love for putting her stories onto paper has only emerged recently, but now her laptop is a constant companion.
Iris resides west of Melbourne with her husband and her two beautiful daughters.
Next to her job at a private school, she also presents a German Program at the local Community Radio.
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Finn By Ahren Sanders


Listen up, ‪#‎Finnatics‬!! FINN is LIVE on ALL platforms!!

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CHASING DREAMS by Alison Mello

“He has no control with her…and she doesn’t want him to…”
CHASING DREAMS by Alison Mello
Young, gorgeous, and with the voice of an angel, Skyler Jones dreams of becoming a singer… 
After the death of her parents in a tragic car accident, there’s nothing to tie twenty-five-year-old Skyler to the East Coast. But if she’s learned one thing, it’s that life is short. So with aspirations of landing a record deal, she moves to the land of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. 
Sexy, rich, and wildly successful, Logan Michaels’ club is the hottest nightspot in Los Angeles… 
While at his club, Logan spots a stunning woman ordering a drink. In L.A., beautiful women are a dime a dozen, but this one’s different—and so is their connection. He’s never been so infatuated, and he’s determined to know more about the striking stranger. After pulling some strings, he finds out where she works and asks her to dinner. 
They find more than love—they find opportunity… 
After a few dates, Logan convinces Skyler to perform at his club. But when Skyler dances with one of Logan’s connections, he’s unable to contain his explosive jealousy. However, his major screw-up with Skyler is the least of his problems. When a scorned ex-employee seeks revenge in the most deadly of ways, it puts both himself and Skyler’s life in danger. 
Will Logan be able to protect Skyler from the growing threat? 
Or will she run…and write off this chapter of her life as chasing dreams?

Kindle Unlimited:


Alison Mello is a wife and stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy. She lives with her amazing family in Massachusetts. She loves playing soccer, basketball and football with her son.

After having her son, Alison started reading again and fell in love with Contemporary Romance. Reading made her happy and gave her something to do when she had downtime. As she started to read more, she started to noticed things she really enjoyed in a book and things she didn’t. She began to have ideas for writing one of her own. One day she literally woke up and started writing. She realized that if there was ever a time for her to write, it was now. She had a part time job to give her something to do. The hours at work were slow and she was bored with what she was doing, so while her son was off enjoying his friends over summer vacation she got started.
Alison finished the first book in two weeks and decided that she really enjoyed writing, so she kept going. She already had ideas in mind for books two and three, so she kept writing. That is how the Learning to Love Series was born. Somewhere along the line, one of my Beta readers convinced me that Michael, a character from Finding Love, needed his own story. That is when Alison added the fourth and final book. Alison hopes you enjoy her books as much as she enjoyed writing them.
She’s so glad she started this writing journey and hopes you will stay with her for the ride. Chasing Dreams is scheduled to release in April and the first two books of the Love Conquers Life series will be out this summer!
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THE HUSTLE by Elizabeth Roderick

THE HUSTLE by Elizabeth Roderick
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: May 31, 2016
Cover Designer: TOJ Publishing
Liria is nineteen, homeless, and addicted to heroin…
She’s also determined to not end up dead—like her mother. But every time she tries to get clean, on her feet, and back on the employment train, everything falls apart. This time is different. This time, she knows there are only two choices—addiction or death. Once she gets clean, though, her life ends up even rockier than before.
Desperate for help, Liria goes to the one person she can count on for a safe place to stay and regular meals—her father, Cyryl Czetski. However, she soon learns Cyryl isn’t her real father, and he wants a very different kind of relationship. Liria ultimately rejects his advances and ends up on the streets yet again, this time working in an illegal strip club.
Finally taking control of her life, Liria lands a job in a Vegas nightclub, where she meets Arty—the woman of her dreams.
Arty is beautiful, funny, and rich. But when other nightclub employees turn up dead—including Liria’s best friend, Lee—Liria suspects the business might be a front for something far more sinister.
When Arty reveals Liria’s life is also in danger, she promises to keep her safe. But Arty’s acting strangely, and seems to know too much about the mysterious deaths. Is she really trying to save her, or is she holding her hostage, using her as a pawn in a game Liria doesn’t understand? 
Liria thought she was used to always second guessing everyone’s intentions. That’s how life is. But if the drugs don’t ruin her, The Hustle will…
ELIZABETH RODERICK grew up as a barefoot ruffian on a fruit orchard near Yakima, in the eastern part of Washington State. After weathering the grunge revolution and devolution in Olympia, Washington, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, she recently moved to the (very, very) small town of Shandon, California: a small cluster of houses amidst the vineyards of the Central Coast.
She earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, and worked for many years as a paralegal and translator. She went on to study chemistry, physics, and higher mathematics, with the goal of becoming a research chemist, but was eventually forced to concede that graduate school would require too much time away from her husband and daughter, and that–despite her good-enough grades –she was perhaps the wrong kind of nerd for such pursuits, being more the type that likes to dress in cloaks and hauberks rather than lab coats and goggles.
She is a musician and songwriter, and has played in many bands. She’s rocked pretty much every instrument, including some she doesn’t even know the real names for, but mostly guitar, bass and keyboards. She has two albums of her own, which you can listen to at She writes fiction novels for young adults and adults, as well as short stories, and keeps an active blog at
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Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson

Title: Polar Reaction
Author: Claire Thompson
Release Date: April 8, 2016
Genre: M/M/M Romance


A passion hot enough to melt a glacier. A love that shakes them to the core.

The savage Antarctic winter is closing in, and three research scientists are scheduled for the last flight out until an unexpected blizzard traps all three of them in the compound. There’s Tuck, who only joined the project to be close to sexy-but-straight Brendan, the man of his dreams. And Jamie, who has always admired the other two from afar.

Thrown into a dangerous situation, the three of them turn to each other for survival, solace and more. As Brendan overcomes his confusion over his impulses, the trio begin a sexual exploration that explodes into passion and unbridled lust.

Yet once the rescue helicopter airlifts them to safety, Brendan comes to his senses, returning home to his carefully constructed, closeted life. But there’s a Brendan-shaped hole left behind in Tuck s and Jamie s hearts. There’s only one way to fill it by breaking through Brendan s reserve to reclaim the man they both love.”

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Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson

Polar Reaction

by Claire Thompson

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Brendan stepped out of the bathroom just as they turned to enter. He was fully dressed, not that this surprised Jamie. Brendan smiled and ran his fingers through his hair, which was dark gold when wet.

Jamie hooked his thumbs into his back pockets, aware this dragged his jeans down enough to reveal most of the snake tattoo. He stared at Brendan, daring him to notice. Brendan’s gaze swept over both men’s bare chests and he caught his lower lip in his teeth.

“We wondered if you were ever coming out.” Tuck’s voice was teasing. “Looks like you’re all dressed up and no place to go.” Tuck sidled closer to Brendan and tugged at the top button of his outer shirt. “We turned on both heaters. You won’t need all these layers.”

Brendan stood stiffly, allowing Tuck to unbutton his shirt and push it from his shoulders. If Tuck was aware of Brendan’s discomfiture, he gave no sign. “Let’s watch a movie. We can use your laptop.”

They walked into the sleeping quarters. Having something to do seemed to ease Brendan’s anxiety. He went to the laptop and flipped open the lid. “I should check the weather too.” He sat down and began to type. His brow furrowed and he frowned. “Fuck.” His voice was quiet, but Jamie heard the anguish in it and glanced up sharply.

Brendan looked from him to Tuck with a pained expression. “We lost it again. The satellite connection.” They were all silent. What was there to say? Jamie took a deep breath and exhaled. He was done panicking over the situation.

When he’d cried, something he hadn’t done in years, it had somehow cleansed him, not only of his sorrows, but of his fears. Whatever was going to happen, he wouldn’t change it one iota by flipping out. What Tuck said was true, this was all they had. Today, this moment, this life, this was it. No dress rehearsal, no do overs.

He looked from blond, sexy Brendan to dark, handsome Tuck and smiled, surprised that his calm wasn’t forced. He shrugged. “We know they’re monitoring the situation. They aren’t going to forget about us. It’s not like they could get through now anyway. We might as well relax and enjoy the time we have together, right?”

Tuck’s expression eased, the worried pucker between his eyebrows smoothing. “You’re right, Jamie. Where’s that Southern Comfort, anyway? It’s kind of growing on me.” He turned to Brendan. “What DVDs do we have that we haven’t already watched six hundred times?”

“Steve had the big collection.” Brendan paused, pursing his lips. “I actually have a few old movies you might like.” He moved toward his cot and opened his footlocker, rummaging through piles of rumpled clothing. He held up a DVD case. “How about this? A classic.”

“What is it?” Tuck asked.

“Lawrence of Arabia.”

Tuck raised his eyebrows. “With Peter O’Toole?”


“That’s a great movie.”

Jamie, not familiar with the movie and barely aware of who Peter O’Toole was, perked up. “Who, Lawrence of Arabia or Peter O’Toole?”

Tuck laughed. “Lawrence, though O’Toole was awfully convincing…” Jamie found himself more interested in the movie.

Brendan popped the DVD into the laptop and turned it toward the sofa, their usual spot for watching movies. Tuck touched his bandage and made a face. “I think I should probably lie down, don’t you? Why don’t we set up the laptop so we can see it from my cot? We can keep this double bed setup.”

“Yes, of course. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” Brendan shifted the card table so it was facing the cots, while Tuck winked at Jamie, who grinned. The situation was funny in a way, the two of them plotting to seduce the straight guy, everyone tiptoeing around what they knew was going to happen.

Jamie still held himself back. He wasn’t going to push himself between those two, but he wouldn’t be a jerk either, playing hard to get. He’d just go with the flow and see where it took him. He busied himself with pouring portions of the sweet, strong liquor into the juice glasses. Tuck, meanwhile, rearranged the pillows so they were resting against the wall.

The three of them settled in, leaning back against the pillows, their drinks in hand. By unspoken agreement, Jamie and Tuck lay on either side of Brendan. They watched the movie awhile, sipping their drinks. After their second round, they set their glasses aside and focused on the film, which so far, to Jamie’s surprise, was pretty good for something made forty-five years before.

“Hey, ” Jamie observed. “That O’Toole guy actually looks like you, Brendan.”

“You think so?” Brendan shrugged.

“He does look like you.” Tuck turned from the screen to examine Brendan’s features. “It’s your wavy hair. And also the sensual mouth and the strong jaw line.” He ran a finger along Brendan’s jaw. Jamie watched, fascinated, as Brendan actually shivered to Tuck’s touch.

Jamie scooted closer so his leg was touching Brendan’s. He dared to drop his hand to Brendan’s thigh. Brendan turned toward him, his gaze moving from Jamie’s hand to his face. Tuck’s hand appeared on Brendan’s other thigh. Brendan’s head whipped in his direction.

Tuck’s voice was soothing. “Relax, Bren. We aren’t going to eat you. We just want to touch you. To explore a little. That’s okay, isn’t it? We all agree we want this, right?”

“Yeah.” Brendan’s voice was soft. He allowed Tuck to push at his shoulder until he was lying flat between them. On the screen, Lawrence appeared over the top of a huge simmering sand dune, his white robe whipping in the wind, but Jamie stopped even pretending to pay attention.

He slid down beside Brendan, moving his hand along Brendan’s thigh to his crotch. Boldly, he cupped the inviting bulge, delighted to feel it harden beneath his fingers. He met Tuck’s eye and they smiled complicity. However nervous Brendan was, he wanted this.

About The Author


Claire Thompson is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has been writing for nearly two decades, and has published over 60 novels. She writes BDSM romance and non-con abduction tales, spanning both m/f and m/m genres.

Her love affair is with all things D/s (Dominance/submission). Her work began as a romantic exploration of the BDSM life style, and then veered somewhat to the darker side of fantasy. She loves delving into the dark psyche of a twisted mind, and gaining insight into what might motivate such a person to do what they do. She does not create all black and white villains and heroes, but rather strives to develop real, complex and flawed human beings.

Claire doesn’t want to simply provide an erotic thrill or evocative description. She seeks not only to tell a story, but to come to grips with, and ultimately exalt in the true beauty and spirituality of a loving exchange of power. Her darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism. Ultimately her work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience.


Connect with Claire

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