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REVIEW Scarlett and the Bear



Title: Scarlett and the Bear: A Bear-Shifter Romance (Fairy Tales with a Shift)

Author: Cara Wylde

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Product Link:

Page Length: 61


A retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

The day of The Choosing is coming, and Scarlett has just turned 18 and become eligible to be chosen as tribute for the werewolf who has been terrorizing her village for years. Scarlett is not a damsel, though, and she will not go down without a fight. She has been training with her father’s hunting daggers since she was a child, and she is certain that if she ever comes face to face with the evil wolf-shifter, she might just have a chance to kill him and free her people.

Braden is a bear-shifter who has taken it upon himself to hunt down evil shape-shifters who use their supernatural powers to enslave humans. He arrives in Scarlett’s village just before The Choosing, and in time to meet her and realize she is his soul mate. Unfortunately, Scarlett believes all shifters are cruel. When she is chosen and sent as tribute into the woods, it’s up to Braden to save her and show her he is different. He will do anything to keep her safe and happy, even risk his own life. But will it be enough?

“Scarlett and the Bear” is a sizzling hot standalone novella that might just set your Kindle on fire. Intended for readers 18+.

Approximate word count: 17,500 words


This was a wonderful twist of Little Red Riding Hood. Love the way the characters were written. Scarlett is one that is not going to stand by and let herself be maiden in distress. When she is chosen to be the sacrifice to the wolf shifter, she has valued to not go down without a fight. Braeden travels across the land to help others that are being abuse by shifters. When he sees Scarlett and see the fire inside her and fells a pull to her. What do you do when you have been taught and live to hate shifters? Will you be able to feel for a shifter at all? If you have a love for shifter book and love fairy tales, then this is the story for you. Highly recommend this story today

How would you describe the plot of this book?  some twist

Which of these words best describes the mood? Suspenseful

How would you describe the pace? steady

How would you describe the characters? developed

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review *


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