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Dragon Bites By Jane Jamison

Dragon Bites
by Jane Jamison
Dragon Love 5
AVAILABLE: Monday, April 18th
Colby Trayner’s deceased father left her his ranch in Brimstone, Utah. Wanting a change in her life, she’s ready to ditch city life and become a rancher. Too bad she doesn’t know anything about cattle or horses.
Weredragon friends, Darton Traverton, Ed Rogers, and Jax Lambert offer to move in and help her. The beautiful city-girl-turned-rancher has captured their hearts. They’re more than ready to do anything they can to keep her from selling the ranch to the conniving weredragon Rick Riggs. If they can’t, they’ll lose her forever.
When danger threatens the men she’s fallen in love with, will Colby give up her new home and run back to the city? Or will she run for the hills when she realizes that the men she loves aren’t what they seem?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison has always liked “weird stuff” as her mother called it. From an early age she was fascinated with stories about werewolves, vampires, space, aliens and whatever was hiding in her bedroom closet. (To this day, she still swears she can hear growls and moans whenever the lights are out.)
Born under the sign of Scorpio meant Jane was destined to be very sensual. Some would say she was (and remains) downright sexual. Then one day she put her two favorite things together on paper and found her life’s true ambition: to be an erotica paranormal romance author.
Jane spends at least six days a week locked in her office surrounded by the characters she loves. Every day a new character will knock on the door of her imagination. Her plans include taking care of her loving husband, traveling, and writing at least twelve books a year. (my author page) (my author page) (my B&N author page) (my Kobo author page)
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