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BLOG TOUR for BORN TO SIN by AL Simpson.

Born To Sin
by AL Simpson
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New Adult
Contemporary Romance

I was born to an alcoholic mother and alcoholic, drug dealing
father. Not a good start to life for a young boy. I was born to sin.
I’ve lied, cheated, assaulted, been an adulterer and stolen. It’s
how one survives the ‘hood’. I have a reputation for being the ‘bad boy’, the
fuck ’em and leave ’em type. I have never spent the night with a woman and I
have never brought a woman home. We ‘play’ at her place and as soon as I’m done,
I leave.
After fleeing my home at the age of thirteen and living on the
streets – an option I found better than being with my parents, my life is
turned around by an elderly lady.
I educate myself, become an award winning chef and return to the
‘hood where I rent an apartment. I love and care about no-one and nothing
except my Harley Motorcycle. It’s here I met Jonesy and he takes my life in a
whole new direction. Along with Wade, a fellow chef and the only person I can
trust, the pair teach me how to love. Not only myself, but others.
I’m a wealthy Restaurateur thanks to an inheritance I received
when my father passed.
I live in a penthouse apartment in the ‘rich’ part of the city.
Being pampered and spoiled all my life has turned me into a woman
who sees something she wants and, like a dog with a bone, I won’t let go until
it’s mine. I’m a winner. I ALWAYS win.
I don’t have relationships with men. One night stands suit me just
fine. I can’t trust it’s me they want and not my money.
I meet Hamish by chance when I’m on the hunt for a new Head Chef.
He treats me like I’m not worth a second thought. I’ve never been treated this
way and I decide at that moment, I will make Hamish mine.
Hamish has no interest in the pampered Blossom but for some reason
she gets under his skin.
Then, something happens that makes him realize, he has fallen in
love. Will it be too late? Will tragedy strike before he can hold her in his
arms and confess his true feelings?
**Sex scenes and language suitable for 18+

that was good.” Caroline sighs as I pull out of her and roll over. “Can we go
out? Will you stay the night?” “Nope. Gotta work.” I slide off the bed and pad
to the bathroom across the hall. It’s as bad as the rest of Caroline’s
apartment. Broken and cracked tiles, years of filth discoloring the grout, the
bathtub so stained I wouldn’t even think to lower my ass onto the grime.
Peeling paint like the other rooms, torn vinyl on the floors. Not unlike my
place two blocks away. Well, I at least keep my place clean. Most of the
apartment blocks in the ’hood are run down, squalid hovels. The apartments
haven’t seen maintenance in years because, unless you live in the ’hood, you
don’t come here. Crimes are committed every hour, screaming, gun shots, rats in
the filth ridden streets. It’s all a common sight to us natives of the area. It’s
why I want to get out of here. Why I’m desperate to live somewhere decent with
decent people. I’ve tried to rent in an area closer to work. A nice ‘burb close
to the city. The realtors take one look at my references, note where I’ve been
living and tell me the place is taken. It doesn’t matter that I clean up nice
before I go and see them. It doesn’t matter that I’ve managed to get myself an
education and have been working as a chef at a prestigious city restaurant.
Nope, once a ’hood boy, always a ’hood boy as far as they’re concerned. It is
impossible to rid myself of the stigma. Once I would have worn it as a badge of
honor, now I want something better. I dispose of the condom and return to the
bedroom. Caroline is stretched out on the bed like a contented cat. Fuck, she’s
got a gorgeous body. “Why won’t you stay? Even when you don’t have to work, you
won’t stay.” I hate the whining that has been happening lately. “Babe, I’ve
told you. I don’t stay anywhere except my own bed in my own apartment. Alone.”
She leans up on her elbow. “We’ve been going out for almost a month and all
you’ve done is text me and order me to meet you here so you can make love to
me.” I raise my hands in front of my still naked body. My dick is now flaccid,
soft. Totally turned off with her whining. “How long have you lived in this
neighborhood?” I watch her frown while she wonders why I’ve asked a question I
already know the answer to. “Nine years.” “You know my reputation?” She lowers
her eyes. “Yes.” “And?” “You fuck ’em and leave ’em.” “So, why do you ask if
I’m staying the night?”


live in sunny Queensland, Australia.
enjoy reading, walking and travel.
favorite holiday destination is Hawaii.
love to write about people who have had not such a great start to life but turn
themselves around and become successful.
favorite book is The Notebook and my Favorite Movie is An Affair to Remember.

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