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Release Blitz Soulbound by Bethany Adams

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“They all think that I’m a phase. A fetish. A temporary fixture. But I love my cousin Elizabeth, and there isn’t sh*t anyone can do to change or destroy that … even her.”

Being hopelessly in love with tatted, sexy, bad boy, Roman Masterson can be exactly what one would imagine. Intense. Passionate. Consuming. Dangerous.

After fighting so hard to be together, there still continues to be forces working against them. Yet the most difficult obstacles seem to be the ones that come from within.






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Cousins Books


Our passion is incredibly intense.

The connection between us borders on the possessive.

Our feelings are absolutely forbidden.

We’re cousins…

The question now is…what the f*ck are we going to do about it?


“What’s my name Duchess?”

“Roman I-“

“Uh-uh. That’s not what you call me.”

I think for a minute. Oh…


“That’s right baby. My dick gets so hard when you call me Masterson. When you start calling out my name in a few minutes, that’s the name I better hear.”

I close my eyes as he gives that visual. Me calling out his name. And I get even wetter.

“Open those beautiful fucking eyes Duchess. I want them on me. I want to watch them tear up when I make you fall apart for me again. Eyes. On. Me.”

He slides a second finger in. Pumping them rhythmically in and out of my core with the deep precision of a pro. How he talks to me, what he’s doing to me, it’s all so ridiculously addictive. I want more, I need more.


“Shhh Duchess. When it comes time for you to beg, I’ll tell you baby.”

Then he stops completely.

I watch him with bated breath as he gets down on the floor on his knees directly in front of me and stares at me with great intensity before he speaks again. I can feel my heartbeat all the way up in the middle of my throat.

“Ask me what I plan on doing with your body Duchess.”

Oh God.

“Whaaa… what do you plan on doing with my body Masterson?”

He smiles wickedly.

“I’m going to have you lift up this pretty skirt all the way to your waist, and you’re lucky I don’t tear this fucking thing to shreds, because I know you wore it specifically for the swimmer. Nevertheless, you’re going to lift that skirt up high for me. Then ask me what comes next Duchess.”

Both of his hands are under my skirt now. Kneading my thighs and the crease of where my thighs meet my hips. Thumbs rubbing all around the outside of my labia. It feels a little bit like torture and a lot like heaven. When I open my mouth to respond, nothing but a soft moan escapes.

“Ask me Duchess.” He says again as my massage becomes firmer and deeper just like the bass in his voice.

“What are you going to do next?” I manage to get out.

“ I’m going to spread your legs wide while you stretch your arms across the back of the sofa and you’re going to keep them there. Now ask me what’s next Masterson.”

“What’s next?” I gasp as my head falls backs as he starts to softly kiss the inside of my knees. I know it’s a matter of time before he starts working his way up. Roman seems to really enjoy being between my legs, but not more than I like him being there. I’m aching for him. I need to come.

He stops all movement again, and I would yell out of utter aggravation if I didn’t think it would inspire him to do something far worse. I think he’s taking great pleasure in this game of denying me.

“You forgot the last part of that question Duchess.”

Wait what?! Oh…

“Masterson.” I smile. Of course. He loves it when I call by his last name.

“You’re fucking up Duchess. Start over from the beginning.”

This time he grabs both of my nipples through my shirt and begins to roll them tightly between his thumbs and pointer fingers. A most delicious distraction that takes the orgasm that was already slowly building and rolling it straight front and center. I’m about to come hard.

That’s when his hands and body back completely away from me. I want to cry and then kick him straight in the gut for stopping.

“I have one rule Duchess. Your orgasms belong to me. You’ll come when I tell you to come.”

I take a second to get control of my breathing as the immediate need to come subsides.

“Let’s try this shit again. What do I want to hear?”

“What are you going to do next with my body Masterson?” I ask in the most business-like tone I can muster.

“That’s what I wanted to hear. You’re learning. Next I’m going to get a good hold on that beautiful ass of yours, lift you high while you hold on tight, and eat what’s mine.”

An Alpha With Questionable Boundary Issues!

★★Scorching 5 Star Romance★★

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About Lisa

I grew up an only child gorging myself on daytime soaps, night time dramas, and romance novels. I write steamy new adult contemporary romance featuring strong alpha men and the smart women they seek to claim. I tend to favor continuing storylines and sagas, although I will write a stand alone novel when inspiration strikes. My novels will probably always contain something a bit taboo, lots of dirty language, and mature content… so be warned:)

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