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Trying to Find Love…: Poems & Reflections of the Love that Made Me By T.B. Cooper

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December 29 – January 2

Genre: Poetry
Length: 82 pages
Long ago, a young woman survived a period of passionate love affairs that shaped her future. That woman was me.
Saying my early adult life was turbulent, is a slight understatement. I had fun, I broke hearts, and I had mine broke more than enough to compensate.
Music Helped me. I’d always hoped to be a fabulous songwriter, but as I evolved, I realized that path would’ve just led me to more heartache. I grew up, and so did my way of dealing with my emotions.
Music, sadly, has left my heart. I no longer hear inspiration on the wind. Instead, I now enjoy peace and quiet….. on a farm with a million kids and animals!
But I still remember where I came from, who I loved, and who loved me. It is to honor their place in making me who I am, that I decided to share the “song” and tell the story of how each “poem” came to be. I hope you enjoy this very private peek into my heart.
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T.B. Cooper lives with her husband, four kids, a grand-baby, her mom, and her sister, on a farm in the Nevada Desert. With farm chores, home-schooling and herds of animals needing attention, it’s a miracle she finds anytime to write at all. But writing has always been her passion. She’s written and construed stories, her whole life. Now she’s jumping in with both feet into the world of social media, publishing her thoughts on paper, and is ready to open the next chapter in an overwhelmingly enriched life.

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