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Cover Reveal for : Lost & Found by KL Donn

Title: Lost & Found (The Possessed Series 3)
Author: KL Donn | @Author_KLDonn
Release Date: February 21st 2017
Genre: Romantic
Cover Designer: Dark WaterCovers 
Cover Model: Kaci Stewart 
All other photos are from Adobe stock


Memories last forever… Even when they don’t.

Tossed off the side of a mountain like garbage
Pepper Wallace awakens to two men caring for her. Giving her everything she
needs. With the cutest dog she’s ever seen to make the lonely nights bearable
she knows it’s only a matter of time before her mind breaks.

The only problem is when she remembers will she
be free to be with the men she’s come to love or will her assailant have
destroyed her for good?


Cousin’s by blood, brothers by choice.

Nick Kelly and Ace Mitchell were doing their
jobs, ensuring the safety of the citizens of Golden, B.C. when they came across
a beautiful but bloody, broken, & beaten woman. Wanting only the best for
the mystery woman that sparked an intense desire to protect, love and heal,
they’re astounded to learn she has no memory of who she is, or where she’s

With an invisible clock ticking down, can they
win over the woman that’s destined to be their everything, or will her attacker
get to her before she remembers the truth?

bestselling author of The Protectors Series and The Possessed Series.

I’m never quite sure what to say here.
So here goes…
I’m a Canadian girl through and through, I love the mountains,
yet I hate the snow. The summer here gets HAWT and I wish it was year round.
Some of my favorite things are cookie dough ice cream from Marble
Slab, every Die Hard movie made, and crime drama shows on TV.
I swear like a sailor, don’t do frilly girly things. BUT I love
when my husband treats me like a queen.

I take photos for fun, and write to breathe. I love to be as
creative as I can, when I can.
These are some of my favorite things about me. Do you wanna know
the best part of me?
My family.
My mom and Grandma have supported me through every bad decision,
and cheated on the good ones. They’re strong woman who I look up to!
My husband, Steven, Scuba Steve, we’ve been together since I was
17, had our first baby, Savannah, when I was 18, and were married when I was
19. 3 boys, Chase Liam & JD, and 12 years later our family is complete.
Without their constant support (And sometimes badgering) I don’t
think I would be the woman I am today.
Twitter: @Author_KLDonn
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