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Review: Shimmers in the Dark By Bethany Shaw


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TITLE: Shimmers in the Dark

AUTHOR:  Bethany Shaw
SERIES:  Rainier Pack
GENRE: Fantasy
LENGTH: 107 Pages
RELEASE DATE:  May 18 2016


Eight years ago the world ended. The Wolf Flu stole everything Enid held dear. Pursued by witches and humans, Enid and her pack have taken to the underground tunnels inside Mount Rainier. She seeks out solitude inside her glacial home until a face from her past resurfaces. After all she’s lost can she love again?

Alex has kept his pack a secret from the humans and witches for eight years, but as the world rebuilds, their home is no longer safe. He joins the packs at Mount Rainier and is shocked to find his true mate, Enid, is alive and taking refuge there as well. She’s changed over the years, broken and hurt from the devastating losses of the Wolf Flu. Can he mend her heart and keep everyone he holds dear safe from the attacking witches and humans? Or will the pack also succumb to this new, terrifying post apocalyptic world?


This story has many conflicts going on. All of them battling to survive. The Wolves are being attack by humans and witches and the inter struggle within the packs does not help. What happens when you meet the one fated to be your mate and you were keeping apart by pack?  Enid has lost much in the battle after the Wolf flu spread. When she is guarding other shifters and a child get lost. Alex searches for his child and when he sees Enid again the sparks start to fly. But can love overcome the broken heart feeling? The twist and turn in this story will keep you hook recommend this book