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Warped by Marissa Farrar.

Warped (The Mercenary Series Book 2)
by Marissa Farrar

I’m protected by the mob, but for how long once I have testified against my father? Though my heart longs for the man I only ever knew as X, I still have a job to do. Protect my sister and get my father sent down. I might want to see my father behind bars, but I haven’t forgotten the events that led me to this point. Vengeance runs through my veins like blood and I won’t give up so easily.
But when I think I see X on the street, everything changes. If I believe it is him, it means he never came back for me. I can’t live with the not knowing—is X still alive, and did he ever care for me at all?

I woke from the incident with a name that is not my own, and only a black hole where my memories used to be. But then I am accosted on the street by a beautiful woman with dark eyes, telling me I’d been sent to kill her. I can’t get her out of my head, and I know I have to find her again. She’ll be my key to unlocking what I’ve lost … as long as we can both stay alive long enough to find out.  

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#SALE Skewed (Mercenary #1)
by Marissa Farrar
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The most powerful mobster in New York wants me dead—trouble is, he’s also my father. 

I’m a woman on the run from the most feared mobster in the country. Worse, he’s my own father. I have my sister to keep safe, and a hot, deadly hit man on my trail. Only one thing to do … see who gets the first shot. But don’t worry about me, I’m no sweet young thing. In fact, I may just be as deadly as the guy who’s out to end me. 

My name is Verity Guerra. I’m on the run from the most ruthless mafia Don in New York—my father. For the past few months, my sister and I have been in Witness Protection, and I’m determined to live long enough to testify against him. I knew he’d send someone after me. But I didn’t bank on a hit man known only as X, with cheekbones sharp enough to grate Italian cheese, and muscles that won’t quit. But what he doesn’t know just may kill him. Behind my pretty façade, I’m a cold-blooded killer. Too bad X is determined to end me, or I might just fall for those piercing blue eyes. 

Call me X. I’m a contract killer, hired to make sure Verity Guerra turns up dead. A beautiful face won’t stop me from doing my job. Killing isn’t just my work—it’s in my blood. But her dark eyes, silky hair, and tattoos mask a lethal killer. Finally, someone worthy to be called my mark. When her little sister goes missing, we have only one question—do we stop trying to kill each other long enough to get her back? 

Turns out love and hate aren’t so far apart. Can we fight our desire for each other … or will we both end up dead? 

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Flawed (Mercenary #3)

Reeling from unexpected news, X and I have no choice but to hide until we figure out what to do next. But I know I’ll never be able to focus on my future, when my past still haunts me. X only wants to protect me, but the choices we make put us in danger. Now X’s enemies are out to take their revenge, and this time I don’t think even I’ll be able to fight my way out of this one.

All I ever wanted to do was protect Vee and the future I hoped we might have together. Leaving her alone wasn’t what I wanted, but I didn’t have a choice. I hadn’t expected for someone from my past to exact their revenge. Now the only woman I’ve ever loved is gone, and I have twenty-four hours to do what her abductor demands, or risk losing her forever.

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