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REVIEW: In the Line of Fire By Dixie Lynn Dwyer







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TITLE: In the Line of Fire

AUTHOR:  Dixie Lynn Dwyer
SERIES:  Love on the Rocks
GENRE: Romance
LENGTH: 116 Pages
RELEASE DATE:  January 13, 2017




Corporal is in love with Berlin, but her life is in danger. The only way to keep her safe is to send her to his four cousins, retired soldiers who can watch over her and protect her. He hasn’t spoken to his cousins in five years, after a failed menage relationship in which the woman they loved cheated on them and then overdosed on drugs. It was too much for them to handle, and Corporal ran away from the pain. When he meets Berlin, the instant attraction makes him think about his cousins and what they all shared before. His hope is that his cousins fall in love with her, too. But men are trying to kill Berlin, and he has to stop them from following her, even if it means dying.There’s corruption and enemies everywhere, and to make it out alive will take some true friends from the past, his cousins’ connections, and a bit of verfaith–not only to save Berlin’s life, but also to mend their broken hearts and find true love after all. Note: This book contains double penetration. Note: This book contains triple penetration.


This is the sixth book I the Love on the Rocks Series. Have fallen love with this series. Berlin has been betrayed by someone she thought was helping. Now she is on the running for her life from ones that have corrupted so many. Corporal has feelings for Berlin and when she needs a place to go he can’t think of any one better than his cousins.  The emotions in this story keep you on the edge of your seats. Berlin has trust issue will she finding be able her true loves? Damon, Drover and Grady all have their own personal problems and hell. They do not have any trust left for woman after the last one. Can Berlin claim their hearts and heal her 4 men?  Highly recommend this book and series