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REVIEW: Innocence Sold By Odin Nightshade



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TITLE: Innocence Sold

AUTHOR:  Odin Nightshade
SERIES:  First Time Bareback Cowboys
LENGTH: 52 Pages
RELEASE DATE:  August 5, 2016




A young man’s innocence; sold to the highest bidder…

Cole Berry has been an obedient pastor’s son all his life—but now, all that’s about to change.

When he lost his mother to cancer, he found out something about his father that he has never been able to forgive. And although it was a scandal in their gossipy small town, Cole doesn’t feel his father was ever punished enough for this transgression.

But he’s about to be.

Instead of asking for donations for church repairs at the town fair, Cole intends to make an entirely different announcement. He’s gay—and he’ll be auctioning off his virginity to the highest bidder.

The entire town is in the crowd, and most of them are shocked… but some are thinking of bidding. Among them is local loner cowboy Beckett Walsh, whose divorce alienated him from the community a couple of years back. Cole is beautiful, sure enough, but is this really what either of them wants?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This books contains mature language and explicit content, and is intended for audiences over 18 years of age.


This story takes you out into the wild. The characters are written in a way that you can’t but want to help and fall in love with Cole. Cole has been held back all his life being the preacher son in a small town. That still has very limited views on things.  Cole anger may have gotten the best of him this time when he throws out and propose. Cole can’t get away from the harsh words and commend from his father. When Cole thinks will to change will he be saved from someone out of the blue? We see the struggles that these two go through for their relationship. For all the emotions brings them closer together against all odds. Recommend this book