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REVIEW: Dirty South The Omega Alpha By Devi Firesong



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TITLE: Dirty South

AUTHOR:  Devi Firesong
SERIES:  The Omega’s Alpha
LENGTH: 174 Pages
RELEASE DATE:  January 25, 2017



One alpha isn’t enough for this omega…

Sawyer escaped his oppressive pack only to be captured and sold into a worse fate. That is, until Keaton, a handsome alpha wolf, sets him free. This mysterious wolf has no interest in exploiting Sawyer’s omega body, and instead offers him a place in the Rosewater pack. The pack is a close-knit group of misfits and escapees, a perfect place for Sawyer to call home.

Keaton has led the Rosewater pack for years. He’s proud to lead such a progressive group, but he has one secret he fears might ruin the respect he’s managed to earn over the years: He’s in love with Vasquez, an alpha jaguar from a rival pack. Dealing with this secret has made things complicated enough, but now Sawyer, a sassy omega, has entered the mix.

Vasquez will never join the Rosewater pack, even if Keaton leads it. He knows it pains Keaton to keep their relationship a secret, but they knew what they were getting into from the start. What Vasquez never anticipated, however, was his attraction to the scent of omega on Keaton’s skin. Having both an alpha and omega as mates… just the thought gets Vasquez hot. But how can such a forbidden relationship last?

Welcome to the Dirty South, where it’s not just the weather that’s scorching. This is a complete standalone novel with explicit scenes, knotting, mpreg, and a guaranteed happy ending! So pour yourself a glass of iced tea, because it’s about to get hot!


This is my first read from this author and did not disappointed at all.  The characters are written so well that you can feel the struggle that they going through. Keaton is Alpha and when he meets Sawyer and feels a pull towards him. Sawyer thinks that he finally finds a pack and Alpha that wants him. Vasquez has feelings for Sawyer also and not sure what to do. What will happen with Sawyer learns the secret that his Alpha was hiding from him. Have to see if things can work between them. Highly recommend this book

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