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MY REVIEW: Canvas of the Heart By Melissa Taggart



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TITLE: Canvas of the Heart

AUTHOR:  Melissa Taggart
GENRE: Contemporary
LENGTH: 201 Pages
RELEASE DATE:  July 15, 2014


Canvas of the Heart is romantic novel about a young woman with cerebral palsy, and how she rises above the term disability through her relationship with friends, family, and above all, the man who becomes her husband.

Funny, sexy and inspirational, the book focuses on Lindsey’s insights, struggles and triumphs, teaching us that those with disabilities can also lead rich, full lives.


We meet a character   that is strong in will even with life has thrown at her. Lindsey has cerebral palsy and has will herself to become very independent for her own peace of mind. Lindsey has had her friends move on to better things and still once in a while will think about Jason. Can two that find that dreams can truly come true and be that special one. Jason is nurse that has always had true dream of being a artist. With the support of friends and their family dreams can become true. Looking for a story about care and loving someone no matter their physical disable then you will love this one. Recommend this book