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MY REVIEW: Stalked By Love By Eva Winters


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TITLE: Stalked By Love

AUTHOR: Eva Winters
GENRE: Romance
LENGTH: 74 pages
RELEASE DATE:  February 16 2016


A Deadly Obsession

Her ~ Scorned by the one person who was supposed to love me, my mother, I made up my mind long ago that love was for the weak. It had no place in my life. But in time, what was in my mind was soon overridden by the desires of my heart.

One phone call changed everything. . .

Now, I crave a man I’ve never met. He was only meant to be part of my job—just another voice over the phone. Could this voice belong to the man of my dreams? If so, is there a difference between falling in love with him and learning to trust him?

I wonder?

Him ~ Some say I’m a wounded soul and maybe I am. Yet, I want her like I’ve never wanted another. Now I’m questioning my own motives as the lines begin to blur.

It was a job. Falling for her wasn’t a part of the plan. But once desire took hold, it refused to allow me to walk away. I had to have her. I had to protect her, even if it meant I had to become someone I didn’t want to be.

Someone has their eye on her. Someone seems drawn to her like a moth to a flame. I will stop at nothing to keep her safe from them, from harm. But, at what cost? When desire turns to fixation, then obsession, could the cause of her problems also be the solution?

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This is my first book by Eva Winters. The characters each have their own issue to deal with. Joe is PI and when he talks to Willow at her job as sex operator. Joe feels he needs to protect her, but how is he to do that when Willow does not trust very easy? Willow has had some bumps in life and feels like she is being watch. The mystery that they must solve is nice twist in the story recommend this book