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Vengeful Knight



Vengeful Knight #MM

by Marcy Jacks

Immortal Knights 8

William is an Immortal Knight charged with protecting humanity, but after the death of his mate a thousand years ago, he’s let himself fall into anger and hate. While medicating that depression in a bar, he never expects anyone to bother him, let alone his mate, reincarnated and looking for a night of fun.

August used to hope for a knight in shining armor to save him, but that’s fairy tale stuff. His brother owes big money to loan sharks, and if August doesn’t pay, his brother will get it. When he sees a man throwing bills at the bartender, he sees his chance. He just doesn’t expect the immediate attraction.

The sex is amazing, and August wants to stay, but he has to save his brother. When William discovers a group of men hurting August and another young man, there will be some severe hell to pay.

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