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MY REVIEW Twisted By Christa Simpson



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TITLE: Twisted

AUTHOR: Christa Simpson
SERIES:  The Twisted Series
GENRE: Action
LENGTH: 314 pages
RELEASE DATE:  April 6 2014

Can a man and woman be “just friends”?

After graduating from law school with honours, Edwin Santora, Abigail’s occasional ex and handsome housemate, can get a job anywhere he wants. Of all the places to land, why does he take a position with her small firm? As if sharing a house with her irresistible ex isn’t bad enough, it quickly becomes the least of her concerns. When Edwin’s macho arrogance begins to seriously affect her dating life, Abigail starts to reconsider their friendship; not that Edwin believes a man and woman can be “just friends” anyway.

With Edwin’s swoon-worthy stunts and fierce persistence, Abigail finds herself catching feelings. When Edwin makes a friendly proposal—no strings attached—Abigail can’t resist.

After some sexy role playing, she finds herself dangerously in love and wrapped back up in Edwin’s powerful grip. When Abigail risks everything, revealing a treacherous little secret, will their friendship pass the test? Or will they give in to the mysterious forces trying to drive them apart? *****************************************************************

This book kicks off this series. You will travel through some twist and turn of emotions. The characters are working their way through how they feel and where they are going. The action with the characters will keep you hook into reading until the end. Be forewarning there is a cliffhanger and I can’t wait for the next book. Recommend this book

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MY REVIEW: Triggers’s Salvation



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TITLE: Trigger’s Salvation

AUTHOR: Crystal Miller
SERIES:  Hellfire Dogs MC
GENRE: Paranormal
LENGTH: 152 pages
RELEASE DATE:  January 25 2017


The moment I saw Eve in the dress shop helping my sister, I knew there was more to her than what meets the eye. The friendship between Bridget and Eve was never known to me and now I need to make sure that she doesn’t pose a threat to the club. What I didn’t count on was falling for her. What will happen when she learns my secrets? Will she run or will she be my salvation?

What a fucking douche bag! How can one person be such an asshole to someone they just met. Of course, I do have a history of being with assholes. After one night of what was an amazing apology dinner, I find myself falling for this guy. Can I put myself through this again? Can I deal with his mood changes all the time? And what secrets does he have that I see in his eyes?


This was a different twist with the Alpha. The Alpha is a female and is one that takes no bull from any one. The character has problems of communication between each other. Trigger is afraid that once Eve find out things about him that she will walk. Eve is having a hard time with the attitude she is getting. If you are looking for a different twist on MC book then this is the one for you. Recommend this book

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MY REVIEW: Frostbitten Hearts By Arial Burnz

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TITLE: Frostbitten Hearts

AUTHOR: Arial Burnz
SERIES:  Bonded By Blood Vampire
GENRE: Paranormal
LENGTH: 74 pages
RELEASE DATE:  March 15 2016


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Her ability to wield fire didn’t give Aideen the power to make Jack stay…

Jack was Aideen’s very breath. As a cusper Elemental, he was the air that fed her fire and the waters that cooled her soul. Born and bred in captivity by vampires for their magic, they sought shelter and love in each other’s arms. But when Jack’s family escapes the “nursery”, Aideen is ripped from her young lover’s arms. Her family refuses to risk the wrath of their captors, and she is forced to stay behind. Though Jack vows to return and free her, his promise is not easily kept. He and his grove liberate several nurseries in retaliation and, still, she cannot be found.

Ten years later, Aideen unexpectedly stumbles into the grove’s compound and back into Jack’s arms with news they have a child…and she is the bait for a trap. Time is of the essence. If they don’t return by sunset, their son will fall victim to the vampires.

Jack must return to the prison he risked his life to escape, but he will do anything to save his son and he is not about to lose the only woman who has possessed his soul and can melt his frozen heart.

Reader Advisory: This HOT novella has deeply sensual and steamy love scenes described in graphic detail, and is recommended for readers aged 18 or older.


We are bought into a story about vampires and witches. They are trying to make the perfect creation by using the Elementals. There was a small group that was kept for the vampire to use. Will they were in there Jack and Aideen happen to fall in love and we see where there story takes them over the years they are separate and what they do when they unite. You will have your emotions go through the wringer on this story. Recommend this book

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My Sweet Villaintine


Happy f*cking Valentine’s Day.

That’s what your favorite sexy-as-sin villain would say to you, right? And he’d probably say it with one hand around your throat and your dress bunched around your hips.

It’s doubtful that he’ll buy you flowers.

He definitely won’t serenade you.

But there’s a good chance he’ll tie you up and spank you if you ask nicely. And the only jewelry you’ll be getting? Is a pretty pearl necklace. Unless you count the rope bracelets he threads around your wrists when he straps you down and f*cks you until you forget your own name.

Leave the chocolates and the jewelry to the good guys. It’s time to go dark side this Valentine’s Day.

My Sweet Villaintine – a collection of dark tales from some of your favorite dark romance authors…

Skye Warren
T.M. Frazier
Callie Hart
Lili St. Germain
Shari Slade