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MY REVIEW: Triggers’s Salvation



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TITLE: Trigger’s Salvation

AUTHOR: Crystal Miller
SERIES:  Hellfire Dogs MC
GENRE: Paranormal
LENGTH: 152 pages
RELEASE DATE:  January 25 2017


The moment I saw Eve in the dress shop helping my sister, I knew there was more to her than what meets the eye. The friendship between Bridget and Eve was never known to me and now I need to make sure that she doesn’t pose a threat to the club. What I didn’t count on was falling for her. What will happen when she learns my secrets? Will she run or will she be my salvation?

What a fucking douche bag! How can one person be such an asshole to someone they just met. Of course, I do have a history of being with assholes. After one night of what was an amazing apology dinner, I find myself falling for this guy. Can I put myself through this again? Can I deal with his mood changes all the time? And what secrets does he have that I see in his eyes?


This was a different twist with the Alpha. The Alpha is a female and is one that takes no bull from any one. The character has problems of communication between each other. Trigger is afraid that once Eve find out things about him that she will walk. Eve is having a hard time with the attitude she is getting. If you are looking for a different twist on MC book then this is the one for you. Recommend this book

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