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MY REVIEW Taken by the Hitman By Alexis Abbott


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TITLE: Taken By the Hitman

AUTHOR: Alexis Abbott
SERIES:  Hitman
GENRE: Action
LENGTH: 309 pages
RELEASE DATE:  December 3 2016


Out of the darkest evil will come the strongest love.

I’ve never met a woman like her. Damaged, just like me, but with a clever mind that she knows is a dangerous weapon, and curves for days. Every second I spend with her, it becomes clearer: it’s us against the world.

The Bratva want me to break her. They force me to try, but they made a dangerous mistake. She has a part of my soul now, and I have a part of hers. I’m a bad man, but I’m going to do right by her. I’m going to prove to her that even in the darkness, there’s always something worth fighting for.

I’ll kill them all for her. When it’s all over, and she doesn’t need me for revenge anymore, we won’t be able to walk away from our love. She’s been taken by the hitman, and I won’t let her go.

A full length Romantic Suspense novel set in Alexis Abbott’s Hitmen Series. No Cliffhangers. Dark romance. Safe from cheating. Explicit language & swearing.


This is the 7th book in the Hitman series. The characters have a way to draw you into their problems and what they truly want. They both have a responsible and things in life have made away to get wrench into things.  Konstantin has never wanted to stop something so bad as the view that the women are slaves. When Rosie is given to Konstantin at gun point he has not choice but to accept. They are off on a journey of many up and downs. The action in this story will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. Recommend this book