The highly anticipated conclusion to Chasing Lyrics…

How do you turn Dylan, a sweet and innocent woman into your worst nightmare? You hurt her best friend Tanner, the man she plans on spending the rest of her life with.
Dylan’s pain and frustration of not being able to emotionally reach Tanner, fuels her consuming thirst for revenge. The thoughts of Jennifer Temple violating Tanner, unable to erase the images from her memory, Dylan knows that life as she once knew it is gone forever. Revenge replaces her thoughts of writing songs, marrying her life-long best friend, heck it replaces every thought in her mind. Jennifer Temple will pay for what she’s done.
Determined to leave Dylan out of his path of self-destruction, Tanner struggles with being unable to cope with what happened to him and the feeling that Dylan deserves more than what he can offer her now. Knowing that the authorities and public will never believe Jennifer violated Tanner, he and Chip take matters into their own hands and create a plan that will ruin Jennifer Temple’s career, which is all she has in her pathetic life.
When Tanner discovers Dylan’s plan to settle the score in his honor, he realizes what this has actually done to her. Is his love for her greater than his own self-loathing? Will their love and friendship be able to persevere through the nightmare Jennifer put them in? Will the music they’ve made together for all these years, once again bring them together?
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