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Dangerous Knight


Dangerous Knight
by @Marcy Jacks
Immortal Knights 11
AVAILABLE: Friday, February 24th
Gary is trying to have a normal life, but it isn’t easy being the mate of a psychopath. Keaton is still out there, and he wants Gary for himself, but, mating or not, Gary refuses to be with a murderer. The plus side is Gary is one of the rare few who has a second mate, and Carlisle is everything Gary could ever want, if only he could stop feeling as if he was betraying someone else.
Carlisle is an immortal warrior, he has seen his fair share of battles, but nothing could prepare him for what it is to be in love with someone who is mated to another man, the man Carlisle wants desperately to kill. He doesn’t expect for Gary to finally come to him and cement the mating. The sex is wonderful, and just when Carlisle starts to believe that Gary might finally be his and only his, Keaton comes back to play his dirty tricks.