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Worthy of Cage’s Love


Worthy of Cage’s Love
by @Lynn Hagen
Wolves of Desire 5
AVAILABLE: Monday, February 27th
Hatcher Dearing might live with his grandmother, but he was raised by two of the most hateful parents to ever live. His father has no qualms about telling Hatcher how unwanted and unlovable he is. So, when Hatcher stumbles across his mate at the local diner, he doesn’t believe he’ll have a happily ever after—especially when Phillip Dearing shows up for an impromptu visit and reminds Hatcher just how unworthy he really is.
Cage was minding his own business when a stranger dropped into the chair next to him. Hatcher was trying to ditch an unwanted date, and he used Cage as an escape. Cage didn’t mind. In fact, he found Hatcher amusing. Until he discovers that the fox shifter is his mate. Once Cage introduces Hatcher to sex, their nights are filled with passion. It’s their days that need a lot of work.
But when Hatcher and his grandmother are attacked, Cage is out for blood.