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MY REVIEW Delphini: Situation Critical By Hannah Walker


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TITLE: Delphini: Situation Critical

AUTHOR: Hannah Walker
SERIES:  Avanti Chronicles
LENGTH: 174 pages
RELEASE DATE:  February 6 2017


Bray and Hunter, separated from their teammates, have crash-landed onto an unknown planet. Their first encounter with the inhabitants of this strange, new world is not what they expected.
The Avanti finally meet a foe they aren’t sure they want to engage in battle, much to the amusement of the men who come to investigate the crash.
Instinct drives them to trust the men who offer them sanctuary and they make their way to the city, where strange new beasts and political intrigue await them. Despite settling onto the new world and finding it easy to form new friendships, they still possess a driving need to find the other Avanti.
When the political intrigue on Landran tries to claim a new victim, Hunter and Bray rush to their new friends’ aid. As they lend their brains and brawn to the Landrans it takes them on an adventure they never imagined, and hopefully towards the remaining Avanti.

Please note:
This story takes place at the same time as events from Corin’s Chance, the first book in the Avanti series. Like Delphini: Damage Control, it focuses on the events from the perspective of another Avanti pairing— Bray and Hunter. It can be read at any point after Corin’s Chance.   *****************************************************************

Love this series.  We get to see through the eyes of Hunter and Bray from the escape from the Delphini to finding their friends Bray has some very embarrassing moments that will make you laugh. The friendship of these two get stronger and they make some new friends and allies while looking for their missing team mates .Can’t wait for the next book

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