MY REVIEW:Clone’s BrideBy C.J Scarlett


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TITLE: Clone’s Bride

AUTHOR: C.J. Scarlett
SERIES:  Celestial Mates
GENRE: Werewolves & Shifters
LENGTH: 427 pages
RELEASE DATE:  February 7, 2017


Few people in the verse understand or have a genuine liking for the Shardon. They see clones as expendable since they are so easy to replace. Some are even under the mistaken impression clones aren’t real people and they share a hive mind.

Lar Shalon is one such clone. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to combat all the irrational beliefs about his kind. Being a physician he understands the critical need to breed humans in order to save his dying race. What he can’t quite get his head around is how they are going to lure human females to them. As he sets about learning their breeding habits, one won’t seem to leave him alone. She can’t seem to keep from touching him. It’s disconcerting and he doesn’t know quite what to make her behavior.

Madison and her twin sister are dying. The doctors on Earth have no idea what’s wrong with them. Their one hope of survival is signing up for the alien brides program. Aliens have spaceships and technology, right? They must have advanced medical knowledge as well. The desperate pair risk everything on one last wild gamble at staying alive, landing gorgeous alien husbands in the bargain. *****************************************************************


Clones bride is a wonderful and with a extra bonus of 2 extra books mix in. When earth is slowly dying and there is alien race that is looking for human females a deal is made. We are taken on a wild ride with 2 sisters and the ones that are match for them. This was excellent sci fi story.  Cant wait to read more. Recommend this book