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Devil you Know

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#TeaseMeTuesday Devil You Know by L. A. Fiore
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► Release: March 10

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══ More About The Book ══

Damian Tate. One look into his sad green eyes and I was hooked. I wanted to be the one to make him laugh, to make him smile. I hadn’t expected him to be the one to make me blush, to make me hot, to make me fall in love. He was my first kiss, my first love, my first everything. I wanted forever with him, but life got in the way.

He enlisted. I went to college and for years we were never in the same place long enough to pick up where we left off.

Thirteen years after he left, tragedy brings him home, but the stoic boy I fell in love with has grown into a quiet, dangerous and wildly sexy man. He still tugs on all the right strings for me, but he seems determined to keep me at arm’s-length.

But when trouble comes knocking at my door, he is the one who puts himself between that trouble and me. Spending time with him might drive me insane, or it might be our second chance at first love.