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Harley: Protecting His Pack



Harley: Protecting His Pack

by Dawn H. Hawkes

Pack Leaders 4

Win, a beautiful and strange man with stunning black wings, was saved in the nick of time from the same people responsible for the recent string of missing shape-shifters.

All it takes is one look for alpha wolf Harley Peterson to know that the man who was rescued is his mate. Injured and in a coma, Win is a mystery and the only clue they have to locating the rest of the shape-shifters. It isn’t until he wakes up that they find out exactly why the shifters have been taken and why Win was so badly beaten when they found him.

However, more answers sometimes mean more questions, and now Harley must make sure that his newfound mate stays safe as he and his brothers work hard to find the remaining missing shifters—and bring them back home where they belong.


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