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Bittersweet Rivals




Dhavi is striving for the professional respect he knows he deserves. He’s landed a sponsorship to be the first paleologist to prospect on a faraway planet where finding a spectacular fossil will set him up for life. But when he discovers his nemesis, and former friend, is also going to be there, years of resentment ignite his temper.

Breon is shocked to learn he’s sharing equipment with Dhavi on this important expedition. He tries to cooperate, but the savage planet conspires to make the fieldwork every bit as perilous as trying to ignore his attraction to Dhavi. With the frosty ground shaking under their feet, Dhavi and Breon save each other, and in the process, heat up a shared sleeping bag. But when it comes time to return with their findings, those old hurts flare to life, sending them on their separate ways until the night of the exhibit opening.

Are either of them brave enough to risk their hearts again