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Made men 3: The Red Slipper (MFMM) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer


Made men 3: The Red Slipper


AVAILABLE: Friday, March 3rd


Caprice dreams of being on stage. She’s so close, but her father’s debt to a loan shark is weighing its toll. The break she gets could make a difference. The money, the exposure, and she wouldn’t need to do the burlesque show any longer at The Red Slipper and be a back up singer.

The last thing she expected was for Club Magique to belong to the Fiorre brothers, the three made men she had the week of her life with in D.R and then let go. She doesn’t want them to know about the loan shark, about the crappy place she lives in, or how bad things really are. She’s been hiding the situation even from her best friends, in hopes that she can pay off the last nineteen thousand owed.

But then that loan shark decides it’s more than money he wants from Caprice, and maybe her father and mother aren’t really helping after all.

Maybe the only ones she can really count on are the three men she keeps pushing away.