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Marriage of Convenience


Marriage of Convenience


AVAILABLE: Thursday, March 2nd


Magnus Tuckerman must marry before his next birthday, his thirty-fifth, in order to inherit his recently-deceased beloved grandfather’s company because it is the main stipulation in the man’s final will and testament.

Amidst his desperation, he discovers that Oliver Chan, the owner of the bakery across the street from his company building and a long-time acquaintance, is having problems with his own business. Magnus then comes up with a hare-brained proposal for them to get married. He will be helping Oliver’s bakery financially while solving his own predicament at the same time. Additionally, he will get a ready-made family in the process.

Oliver eventually agrees to marry Magnus for the sake of his failing bakery and the future of his twin daughters. Everything is going along smoothly until Oliver’s ex-boyfriend returns out of the blue. When Magnus and Oliver’s daughters are kidnapped, can the two men find the strength and courage they need in each other?