MY REVIEW: King By Samantha Leal


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AUTHOR: Samantha Leal
SERIES:  Forsaken Riders MC
GENRE: Contemporary Fiction
RELEASE DATE:  March 2, 2016


The small town of Slate Springs is hiding a wild and lawless secret… At the center of its quiet society is a ruthless motorcycle club, The Forsaken Riders. They are everything the straight laced town is not…wild, dangerous, full of themselves … and sexy as hell.
Feisty Lexi has always had a wild side, so when she is fired from her job at the only strip club in town, she knows working a 9-5 isn’t going to be for her – but she doesn’t know what else she can do. Having to deal with a creep of an ex-boss and her overbearing mother, she is desperate to get out on her own and make a new start, but it seems everything she tries just gets her more and more stuck.
Just when Lexi thought her bad luck was there to stay, she meets King, one of the dark and sexy bikers from the secretive Forsaken Riders. King is everything she had spent most of her adult life trying to stay away from. He’s the epitomy of the outlaw your mother warned you about…and she can’t get enough of him. As much as she tries to resist him, their connection is undeniable from the second they lock eyes.
Lexi has spent her whole life trying to hide from men like him. Truth is they always scared her…but now she realizes how alive she feels in his arms and with the bikers. So far she has kept on the right side of town and managed to avoid being caught up in their lawless games… But now that she knows King, how will she ever be able to stay away as the lines between right and wrong begin to blur?
With each passing moment she is getting in deep and falling faster and harder for her hot new man. But will a family secret destroy everything? Or will Lexi find out her own past is more entwined with King’s than she ever could have dreamed of?


This was short read and if you like reading about MC then this is a story for you. You get to see the sparks fly between our two main characters Lexi and King. This story will draw you in with suspense of what is happening. The emotions are all over the place and having to deal with them can keep things hanging. Recommend this book