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Justus (Book 3 in the In Safe Hands Series)

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I’m not conceited.

Really, I’m not. It just so happens I have a body a Greek God would be jealous of, and a face that could make an angel weep. Other than that, I’m just your everyday normal guy who happens to take his clothes off for money. Sure, I’ve had to dispose of a few guys for In Safe Hands, the organization I work for that helps track predators and child molesters, but other than that, completely normal.

Women flock to me, screaming and paying for the right to touch me, so why is this woman so stubborn? Sadie Belmont’s curvy body and sharp tongue have haunted me since I met her a year ago. There’s something about her that gets stuck in my head like a bad song, and I’m determined to find out why I want her so badly, and why she can’t stomach the thought.


I can’t believe I’m doing this. Of all the men in the world, I’m taking Justus Alexander to my childhood home in Oklahoma to meet my mother. A stripper who has a revolving door of women jumping in and out of his bed. Nine months ago when I lied to my mother and told her I had a steady boyfriend, I didn’t expect it to come to this. She doesn’t have long to live, and her only wish is to know I have a husband before she goes.

I can’t disappoint her, and male escorts cost way more than I can afford, so when Justus volunteered, I took him up on his offer. I know what he wants. After annoying me with constant pick up lines for a year, he sees an opportunity to get me in bed. It’s not going to happen. I just need to get through this week with my sanity intact.

This is book three of the In Safe Hands Series. It can also be read as a standalone.

📙Book 1: Landon (In Safe Hands 1)  http://amzn.to/2lTePHX

📘Book 2: Dare (In Safe Hands 2) http://amzn.to/2lT41cT

About the Author:

S. M. Shade is a homeschooling mom hopelessly addicted to Dr. Pepper, love stories, sunshine, and men with full sexy lips, though not necessarily in that order. A voracious reader since sounding out her first word, she started writing as a teenager and rediscovered her love of writing as an adult. Originally from Indianapolis, she now lives in a small Kentucky town with her teenage son.

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Fan page https://www.facebook.com/smshadebooks

Reader Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/694215440670693/

Author page http://www.amazon.com/S.M.-Shade/e/B00HZZP9MM

Twitter https://twitter.com/authorSMShade

Website http://www.smshade.blogspot.com/

Newsletter http://bit.ly/1zNe5zu

GoodReads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7788847.S_M_Shade

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorsmshade/

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Similar to Rain


Similar to Rain

Suncoast Society  



AVAILABLE: Monday, March 6th

First a gruesome, traumatic injury that ends Lee’s NFL kicking career. On the heels of that, his cheating wife files for divorce. He’s officially hit rock-bottom. Stuck in a hotel room and barely able to care for himself, he reconnects on Facebook with his best friend from high school…and the guy he secretly crushed on.

Arlin has been out of the closet for years, but only a few people know about his kinky side. When Lee contacts him, he rushes in to help his old friend. What Arlin thinks he can’t reveal to Lee is that he’s held a torch for him for years.

Getting out of their own way is the first step. Once the men confess their feelings to each other, the best second chance of their lives is now within their grasp. But as Lee’s recovery progresses and a lucrative network TV career presents itself, will their happiness endure, or slip through their fingers like rain?


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Purring in Fate


Purring in Fate

Werecats of Fate 2  




AVAILABLE: Monday, March 6th

Did Linda Brewster’s Dear John letter indirectly cause her ex-boyfriend’s death while serving in Iraq? If so, she needs to ask his family to forgive her.

Linda is catnip to werecat cousins Gabe and Adam Price and their werecat friend, Daryl Jackson. She makes them go wild, their cats needing to mate. The fact that her ex-boyfriend still haunts her bugs them, but until she faces his family, they’ll do their best to distract her in any way they can.

Linda’s ready to let them claim her, but just when everything seems to be going her way, just when she’s finally gotten the courage to face the family, her life is threatened. The men will do anything to save her, but what they may have to do is beyond daunting.

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Claw and Ollie


Claw and Ollie

Bad Boys Need Love Too 



Can a broken cat find redemption?

Tabby shifter Ollie can charm his way into any safe and into the pants of any eligible bachelor…once upon a time. Now Ollie’s merely a shadow of his former self, terrified of facing the outside world. Ollie craves seclusion, until his heart starts longing for a mate to make him whole again.

One glimpse is all it takes for jaguar shifter Claw to know Ollie’s the one man he’s been searching for his entire life. Knowing Ollie needs time to heal, Claw’s kept his distance. When an enemy from Ollie’s past resurfaces, it’s up to Claw to get his hands dirty. Claw doesn’t mind, as long as he gets his reward in the end. Ollie will become his, no matter what happens.

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#FREE MM Books this Week


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by @Alex Ryson
Shredded Gay Studs
by @Jackie Thrust
Mr. Mathews: A Love Affair on Given Terms
by @Jennifer Sparrow
Devil’s Deal: An Isle Of Bliss Romance (Carnal Collateral Book 1)
by @Olivia Outlaw
Staged Whispers
by @Cassandre Dayne
Mating the Omega (MM Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance) (Mercy Hills Pack Book 1)
by @Ann-Katrin Byrde
Open Door
by @Em Covax
The First Dance
by @Parker Avrile
To See About A Guy: An M/M collection by Aria Grace, Brandon Shire, Hans M. Hirschi, Jennah Scott, Sara York
by @Aria Grace
Alex’s Surprise (Gay M-Preg) (Unexpected Book 1)
by @Chris McHart
The Seduction: Serving the Billionaire
by @Julian Bloom
by @Rider Jacobs
The Rapper: On his Knees
by @Eden Smiles
For The Living
by@ L.A. Witt
Changing Plans
by @L.A. Witt
by@ Phabian Mitchell
Harlan’s Ryde (Synchronous Seductions Book 1)
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Nobody’s Home
by@ Dev Bentham
Line Mates
by@ Joaquin Milhovich
The Lonesome Cowboy
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Oh Brother (Alpha Dominance Romance)
by @Cynthia Lock
Don’t Let Go MM Fake Boyfriend
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Omega Tempted by the Billionaire (MPreg Romance) (Alpha and Omega Gay Romance Short Stories Book 5)
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Secrets in the Air (Secrets Series Book 1)
by@ Liz Borino
That Old Black Magic (The Boys of Raven Cove Book 1)
by @J. Ashburn
Drunk, Blind, Stupid Cupid
by @Sadie Sins
Jack of Thorns (Inheritance Book 1)
by @Amelia Faulkner
Finding My Cowboy
by @Joaquin Milhovich
Taboo For You (Friends to Lovers Book 1)
by @Anyta Sunday
Summer Job
by @Cherry Dimity
Fire for Ice ( Mpreg ) (Dragon Shifter Paranormal Short Stories)
by @J.R Fox
The Billionaire’s Family Jewels
by@ Joaquin Milhovich
Mad Passion
by @Naaju Rorrete
The Dragon’s Baby (Mpreg )(Dragon Shifter)
by @J.R Fox
Gay Shifter: Lead by the Alpha
by @Em Covax
The Perfect Stranger
by @BJ Sheppard
When It’s Right (Mile High Romance Book 1)
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Finding A Tomorrow
by @Kathleen Kerridge
Right Back Where (Welcome to Alvarado Book 1)
by @C.E. Kilgore
The Slave (Free Men Book 1)
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Going Home (The Home Series Book 1)
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When Skies Have Fallen
by @Debbie McGowan
Summer Angel (Summer Spirit Novellas Book 1)
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Escaping in Oz: (Accepting Love Book 1)
by @Aria Grace
Game On: A Love’s Landscapes Story (Game On Series Book 1)
by @Olley White
The Loyal Squire
by @Lee Lane Lamplight
by @L.M. Langley
by @Nash Summers
Eternally Timeless (Eternal #1)
by @H.L. Holston @A.J. Burke
Fresh Start (The Houseboy Book 1)
by @Oliver Thrust
Half-Broke (Veterans Affairs Book 2)
by @A. E. Wasp
The Guilt of The Wealthy (The Billionaire Bachelor Series Book 1)
by @Matt Zachary
Man and the Beast (The Beast Within Trilogy Book 1)
by @J. Ashburn
More Than Friends Collection: Contemporary Gay Romance Collection of Books 1-3
by @Aria Grace
Winter Chill
by @Aria Grace
Buzz (The Riley Brothers Book 1)
by @E. Davies
Time Up (Station One Book 1)
by @Justin McLachlan
Wake Up Married serial, Episodes 1 – 3: Wake Up Married, Meet the Family, Do the Holidays
by @Leta Blake
Hat Trick Overtime: Reunion (Hat Trick (Simon and Alex) Book 6)
by @Jeff Adams
The Omega Prince (The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 1)
by @Lia Cooper
The Other Man (The Other Man Series Book 1)
by @D Breeze
Human Choices
by @Jaye McKenna
Thatcher’s Mate
by @Dawn Wilder
Five Dates
by @Amy Jo Cousins
by @Claire Davis
by @Keira Andrews
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Caught Out

CO Banner Rel Blitz.jpg
 Caught Out Release Day Blitz!

Title: Caught Out
Author: Leesa Bow
Genre: New Adult/ Sports Romance
Cover Designer: Najila Qamber

Now Live and only .99!

Ava Walters never expected her ex-boyfriend and Indian superstar cricketer to walk into her restaurant six years after she left him. The break up almost ruined her but she refused to deny him his dream of playing International cricket for Australia.
With her life on track as co owner of a fashionable restaurant, and supporting her five year old son alone, Ava cannot risk falling for his charm a second time.

After the initial shock of seeing her again, Jardine Kumble is determined to win Ava back. His gut tells him it’s more than ‘playing hard to get’ and he intends to get answers to why she is pushing him away…

Caught Out Cover.jpg


CO Full wrap.jpg

Fashion portrait of young sexy businessman handsome  model man in casual cloth suit in sunglasses in the street

Back view of young businessman in suit looking out of window in interior with illuminated night city view. 3D Rendering

Teaser 3.jpg


About the Author:
Leesa Bow loves to read and write spicy romance. She spends her spare time with her family, catching up with girlfriends in cafes, or taking long walks along the beautiful, southern beaches of Adelaide, Australia. Leesa’s love of sport has inspired her to write stories about hot Aussie heroes and the strong women they fall in love with.

Leesa is the Author of ‘Winning the Player’ and ‘Charming the Outback’. You can find her here:

Newsletter sign up: http://eepurl.com/56B_9

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MM Book Release this week List


Be Mine
by Frey Ortega
Still You: Trade Me
by Amy K Mcclung
More Than Luck (Legendary Pairs, #2)
by Casey Cameron
Harley: Protecting His Pack
Jared’s Family
by V.s. Morgan
Lucky (Twirled World Ink Book 4)
by@ JMDabney
The Way to His Heart
by@Felice Stevens
Letters from Cupid
by @Ari McKay
Healing Fire
By @Sean Michael
Bittersweet Rivals
by@ J.J. Lore
How the Other Half Lives (London Lads Book 2)
by @Clare London
Blossom of the Samurai
By @Sedonia Guillone
Wounded Pride
By @BLMorticia,
@Remmy Duchene
by @J. Scott Coatsworth
Too Close To Love: Loving, Book 1
by @M.A. Innes
Stubborn Knight
by @Marcy Jacks
Immortal Knights 10
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Stubborn Knight


Stubborn Knight

Immortal Knights 10



Nathan Martin isn’t so sure about his lot in life. A recovering gambling addict, he’s been mated against his will to what has to be the most stone faced man he’s ever met in his life. A sexy and dangerous man, to be sure, but almost emotionless otherwise. Worse still, the mating pull is making him want this man, is making him attracted to him, but Nathan doesn’t know how much longer he can handle being kept at an arm’s length.

Maxwell is an Immortal Knight. He is not afraid to kill his enemies with either his sword or his claws, but he is afraid of harming his mate. Nathan has been through a lot, and Maxwell doesn’t always understand emotions, but he tries to give Nathan his space, until a misunderstanding forces them together, rather than apart.

However, when Maxwell’s enemy arrives at their doorstep and Nathan gets hurt, Maxwell will make some heads roll with his sword.