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Made Men 2: Forbidden Love


Made Men 2: Forbidden Love


Adalina has a secret she can’t reveal to anyone. It affects all decisions in her life and especially the two men she falls in love with.

One man is set on making her his woman while also double-crossing her cousin and other local organized crime families. Turk is a rapist, thug, and killer who’s obsessed over Adalina for quite some time. As Adalina’s lovers get framed for crimes they didn’t commit, and even get shot at, her cousin orders her to stay under the protection of the one man who has set out to destroy her family and friends and claim her as his own.

Adalina is determined to prove her lovers are innocent and that someone else has set out to destroy the business. She figures out too late exactly who that is and, as she fights for her life, she hopes she can buy enough time for her lovers, her cousin, and her friends to find her—before it’s too late.

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