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Purring in Fate


Purring in Fate

Werecats of Fate 2



AVAILABLE: Monday, March 6th

Did Linda Brewster’s Dear John letter indirectly cause her ex-boyfriend’s death while serving in Iraq? If so, she needs to ask his family to forgive her.

Linda is catnip to werecat cousins Gabe and Adam Price and their werecat friend, Daryl Jackson. She makes them go wild, their cats needing to mate. The fact that her ex-boyfriend still haunts her bugs them, but until she faces his family, they’ll do their best to distract her in any way they can.

Linda’s ready to let them claim her, but just when everything seems to be going her way, just when she’s finally gotten the courage to face the family, her life is threatened. The men will do anything to save her, but what they may have to do is beyond daunting.