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Stubborn Knight


Stubborn Knight

Immortal Knights 10


Nathan Martin isn’t so sure about his lot in life. A recovering gambling addict, he’s been mated against his will to what has to be the most stone faced man he’s ever met in his life. A sexy and dangerous man, to be sure, but almost emotionless otherwise. Worse still, the mating pull is making him want this man, is making him attracted to him, but Nathan doesn’t know how much longer he can handle being kept at an arm’s length.

Maxwell is an Immortal Knight. He is not afraid to kill his enemies with either his sword or his claws, but he is afraid of harming his mate. Nathan has been through a lot, and Maxwell doesn’t always understand emotions, but he tries to give Nathan his space, until a misunderstanding forces them together, rather than apart.

However, when Maxwell’s enemy arrives at their doorstep and Nathan gets hurt, Maxwell will make some heads roll with his sword.