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MY REVIEW: Enrapture By Pierce Smith



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TITLE: Enrapture

AUTHOR: Pierce Smith
GENRE: MMParanormal
LENGTH: 94 pages
RELEASE DATE:  May 15, 2016


On their first Halloween eve, together things didn’t quite go as planned for two very passionate and horny men. Noah waits anxiously and impatiently for Ethan to get home from work to start their night of sexy fun. Noah discovers a man is watching him through the window across the street. When Ethan phones to let him know he’s caught in traffic, the fun starts with phone sex. Shortly after, a masked Ethan arrives for the Halloween night of fun. But a knock at the door later has left Noah wondering who he just made love to.
They find themselves dealing with a few twists in this debut book of an erotic M/M series. It’s one night tale with twist and turns, with lust wrapped in suspicion. A hot read will be having you beg for more!



This is my first book to read by Pierce Smith.  He has drawn you in stories that make you keep wondering what is around the corner. Noah is waiting for his partner Ethan to get home and not happy about the wait. Why Noah is waiting he just can’t stop himself from causing a little trouble. What happens when the knocking starts that you are seeing double one at your door and one in your room.  Who is the surprise guest? This was a great suspense short story and can’t wait to read more from this author and to see what next recommend this book



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