MY REVIEW: Goldie and the Two Bears By Sky Winters


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TITLE: Goldie and the Two Bears

AUTHOR: Sky Winters
GENRE: Werewolves & Shifters
RELEASE DATE:  February 16, 2017



Will Goldie ever find a man that is just right?

Goldie has been trying out men, like she is Goldilocks testing out chairs and porridge. Some men are too soft, while others are just too damn hard. Some criticize her voluptuous body, while others treat it like a bizarre fetish.

When Greg Roberts enters the picture, she thinks she has finally met the perfect man. He is a successful producer and script writer in LA. He is smooth, talented, great in bed, and actually motivated. What more could a girl ask for? But just as quickly as he appeared in her life, it all goes to crap when she finds him cheating.

Goldie finds herself on a rebound getaway at Big Bear Lake in the arms of not one, but two handsome hunks. She tells herself she is just playing, but when strange things start to happen in her new love triangle, her life might become forever altered. How could such a dangerous affair ever lead her to Mr. Right?

18 + Readers only. 30k word novella with bonus stories included.


This is an interested twist on the story. We meet Goldie that has trouble with the men in her life. We she meets to 2 different men in the same town with strange tattoo. Things will really start to heat up and get very steamy. What happens when you have find out that they men you have been sleeping with are more then they appear to be. When a little surprise takes them all? Recommend this book

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